Latest South African Immigration updates with Andreas Krensel

Watch Andreas Krensel now, for updates on Immigration into South Africa and the challenges we face:

  • Delays in SAQA Applications
  • Waiving Requirements at the Department of Labour
  • Opening Permanent Residence on new applications in South Africa

From receptionist to head of Immigration – Sad to say goodbye

After three dedicated years of being a receptionist, I was promoted to an immigration assistant. The learning curb was tough, but time and hard work soon rewarded me. During the day, I was assisting with immigration work, and during the night I familiarized myself with the Act and Regulations to get up to speed and stay up to date. I had amazing support from the management team and ultimately it was up to me to make this work.

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From the desk of the CEO

At home in Cape Town, the current topic of interest amongst our readership is the recent news regarding the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa? As I indicated in my latest videos some of the key staff at DHA have resigned and high-ranking officials have been changed. We were able to contact the new person in charge of permanent residence and even received a reply! She confirmed........

From the desk of the CEO

It is the end of January 2021 and things are starting to look more positive in South Africa. Our first batch of vaccines arrived and our president announced an easing of the alcohol ban and permission to...

From the desk of the CEO

2020 is nearly over – hallelujah! It is the time of the year which calls for a brief review of 2020 and peek into what to expect in 2021 . What a year this wasI am certain all of you will concur? Like most of our readers, I personally can do without a repetition of this experience ever again!

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From the desk of the CEO

Immigration policy suggestions for our economic recovery Our government is intending to review rules around hiring foreign workers. While it might be politically opportune to close borders to foreign workers, facts and data suggest otherwise. Well-crafted and implemented immigration policies have significantly contributed to economic growth all over the world. It is important to point out that the policy changes suggested...

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