An Immigration Expert’s Suggestions to the DHA on ZEPs

Andreas Krensel discusses the issues regarding the non-renewal of ZEPs and provides expert suggestions to the DHA.

Latest ZEP Updates – Immigration Directive 10 of 2021

Watch the latest video from our CEO, Andreas Krensel, as he discusses logistical issues related to the twelve-month ZEP grace period and how they may affect Zimbabweans working and living in South Africa.

Overview: How to Apply for a Kenyan Special Pass

Senior Immigration Consultant Melissa Moses explains the requirements and steps to obtaining a Kenyan Special Pass.

SA Cabinet announces ZEP will no longer be renewed

The Cabinet of South Africa announced that extensions to the ZEP will no longer be allowed.

Overview of the Business Visa in South Africa – Video

Andreas Krensel offers the latest Immigration Updates on the Business Visa in South Africa

You Don’t Need to Speak German to Move to Germany

When considering a move to Germany, a big hurdle is [...]

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