A Premium visa for a Premium lifestyle

The international tourist industry has been affected by Covid, and countries have since tried to open alternative avenues to bring foreigners to their borders. There are about 20 countries who have implemented some form of remote-work visa, to allow applicants to explore other countries, without having to go through the rigorous process to obtain a long-term permit.  

Mauritius Family Occupation Permit – Video

Andreas Krensel offers the latest Immigration Updates on the Mauritius Family Occupation Permit.

The Mauritius Premium Visa Explained.

This permit is offered for spouses of occupation permit holders, and is valid for 10 years.

The new, augmented and adjusted: Mauritius Immigration Updates

Mauritius has made some critical changes within their immigration and tax policies. Some of these new adaptations have individuals across the globe packing their bags as they are ready to make the move, while others might have you pulling your calculator closer from across your desk.

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Mauritius to open for travel in July but not if you are coming from South Africa

Mauritius is a popular destination for many South Africans, as [...]

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