Corporate Client Immigration Case Study – Spain

Corporate Immigration and Mobility Case Study

Case Study Corporate Client B – Spain

Immigration Needs

See how IBN Immigration Solutions enabled a Corporate Client with immigration from Spain in this Case Study. Corporate Client B (Identity Protected), is a company that specialises in Wind Turbine installation and maintenance, Photovoltaic Plants, as well as electrical installation in buildings and industrial plants.
They have their main headquarters in Spain and offer industrial electrical services for energy related sectors in all parts of the world. Corporate Client B has a project in South Africa and their staff are positioned across the country.

To start, Short Term 11.2 Work Permits for the assignees, were issued to their Head Office in Spain. These work permits needed extension and it was mandatory that the extension was processed, in person, at a VFS office closest to the location of each assignee.
The office needed a local immigration provider in South Africa to support the assignees in obtaining extensions for the work permits and assistance with travel to different VFS offices, to submit the applications. This is during a pandemic.

Immigration Challenges for Corporate Client B

  • Availability of a VFS office close to where assignees were
    located. Costly expense for travel and accommodation.
  • VFS required Application fees to be paid individually.
    submission by the Spain Office.
  • Logistics of supplying the paperwork needed for each
    assignee’s application, namely the company documents.
  • Submissions had to be done in person since biometrics were

The Solution Offered by IBN Immigration Solutions

  • We concluded an agreement with VFS to do a mass visa application in the Northern Cape which was the closest location for all the workers to travel to.
  • Since no local VFS office was stationed there, The Department of Home Affairs agreed to the usage of mobile units.
  • IBN Immigration Solutions pre-financed all the application fees, and Corporate Client B avoided having to pay 40 individual payments to various vendors. In turn Corporate Client B received a single invoice to cover all payments.
  • And to crown it all, the 40 applications were prepared and submitted in a timeline of 2 weeks.Look our for more Corporate Client Immigration Case Studies coming soon!

    Click here to see the Corporate Immigration Case Study

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