Introduction – What is the Mauritius Premium Visa?

Around 26 countries have introduced digital nomad visas and that number continues to climb. With the pandemic now entering the 5th wave in countries around the world, digital nomad visas are becoming a popular way to introduce foreign investment into economies and to allow individuals to explore other countries, without having to go through the rigorous process to obtain a long-term permit.

The Mauritian Premium Visa is one of the most sought-after for its longer duration (12 months) and lower monetary requirements, not to mention incredible in-country conditions, including stable, temperate weather patterns and cheap living costs, coupled with high quality of life.

Who Can Apply for the Mauritius Premium Visa?

  • Candidates working for foreign companies NOT based in Mauritius may be eligible for the Premium Visa. NB: If you are a foreign national working for a LOCAL branch or subsidiary of your company in Mauritius, a work permit, not a Premium Visa, would be applicable.
  • Candidates must prove a contract of employment with said foreign-owned company for at least 12 months to allow remote work.
  • Candidates must prove a minimum income of US 1 500,00 p/m.
  • Candidates and accompanying spouses/dependents must have International Medical Insurance.

Benefits of the Mauritius Premium Visa

  • Processing is easier than most other digital nomad visas – no stringent medical and background checks required
  • No government fees apply to this visa type
  • You may renew the Premium Visa within Mauritius after the first 12 months
  • You may change your visa status within Mauritius to a long-term permit option
  • Spouses and dependants may accompany main visa candidate
  • If you are fully vaccinated you will not be asked to quarantine
  • This visa is open to all foreign nationals from all countries

Important Considerations

  • You will not be obligated to comply with Mauritian tax laws if you ensure that income earned from your work is placed in a foreign bank account and does not enter Mauritius.
  • If, however, you live in-country for longer than 183 days, you will be liable to comply with local tax laws.
  • If you are bringing your minor children to Mauritius and they need to attend school or college in person, a Mauritius Study Visa for said dependant must be acquired.

If you would like to know more about this visa or any other Mauritian Visa option, including work, study, spousal, retirement and more, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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