If you are a foreign National and would like to work and live in Namibia for a period of 6 months and longer, the information below is relevant to you.

A Namibian employment permit gives you the permission to enter and stay in Namibia for the purposes of working and earning a salary. It takes the form of an endorsement/stamp in your passport and is issued by the Department of Home Affairs.  When the permit is granted, it entitles the individual to reside and work temporarily in Namibia.

There are some key considerations that the Immigration board take into account when assessing whether to issue a Namibia’s employment permit.

  • The applicant will have to prove that they possess the required skills, qualifications, and experience in the specific field that he wants to work in.
  • That the prospective employer’s been unable to recruit and fill the position that is being applied for with a Namibian candidate (someone local).

There is currently a shortage of skills in certain sectors in Namibia and a basic understanding of the need to recruit expatriate workers to fill these positions. Namibia does not have a comprehensive national human resources development plan set up by the national human resources skills audit. The starting point when you want to assign a foreign specialist into your business, is the critical skills list.  This list notes the different professions/sectors that Home Affairs issues work permits due to a shortage of skills that are needed in these areas.

In the event of an absence of such a list for Namibia, I compiled the below list which is just a guideline based on my personal research. This should not be used as official information, but rather something to just inform yourself with the process.

The sectors/industries that mostly suffers from a shortage of skills are auditing, actuarial science, chartered accountancy, information technology, investment banking, property developers and evaluators, computer science, engineering, software engineering, compliance, and risk management.

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Written by: Uaaruka Kandjii