From a Receptionist to the Manager of Inbound Immigration – Sad to say goodbye to Sue-Allen Mehl.

In 2005 when IBN was still at Newport House in Green Point our receptionist was booked off for a week. We sourced a temporary replacement and a day later a young Sue Allan Kotzee walked into our offices. This was the start of her journey at IBN. 

Within two days she could remember most of our clients’ names and their voices, so we offered her a job. After a year, her restraint lapsed and the rest is history. When IBN moved to a smaller office she became a part of the immigration consultants’ team.

In the next few years SUE- Allan was instrumental in maintaining relationships with some of our most important clients. It started with her and I sharing the client’s work but she soon became their main point of contactSue’s work ethic has always been exemplary. She, together with her assistant Candice handled many difficult immigration cases and ended up being successful. Whether it was late-night emails or early morning conference calls with the US, Sue was always available to deliver. 

As a result of her outstanding dedication to meet and surpass our clients’ expectations, we were awarded the best immigration provider in the BGRS worldwide supplier network in 2016.
Sue has always been part of our business journey from the opening of the office in Johannesburg in 2015 and followed by Namibia two years later.  

I personally am very grateful for her loyalty, her dedication, and her outstanding work results.  

It has been rewarding to contribute to her growth from the bubbly receptionist with an excellent memory to a senior consultant and then respected team leader.  

We wish her the very best in her journey onward and say Sue-Allan, “We are missing you already”. 

Sue-Allan is a great example of what we hope to achieve at IBN namely the upskilling of young talented individuals to become the best Immigration Consultants in Africa.  

In other news:

Christian Mpazayabo has joined our marketing team as a replacement for Angelique Wernich who decided to continue her teaching degree.  

There is still no sign from DHA as to when they will reopen applications for permanent residence permits. Some highranking officials say July or August and some say early June. No official communication has been published in this regard.  

We have heard nothing about extending the deadline 30 June but then DHA has a history of last-minute extensions so do not expect any news before the 28th of June.  

By Andreas Krensel