Your next office location: HOW TO OPEN A BUSINESS IN KENYA

Your next office location: HOW TO OPEN A BUSINESS IN KENYA

Kenya’s booming economy might just be the ideal location for your newest business venture. International office locations might sound expensive, and even unattainable at times. However, Kenya has enabled numerous individuals and companies to create financially rewarding businesses with ease.
The practical requirements for legal operation in Kenya are simple, detailed and as easy as 1, 2, 3, FOUR.

Firstly, you will need to legally register the business. This can be done either by registering your business name or by registering the company. Your budget would most likely be the determining factor of which route you will go. Registering the business name will enable the company to legally have sole ownership and trade under this name. This option is ideal for small businesses, startups, or if you are aiming for a more economical approach. Alternatively, a lawyer can assist you in registering your company. Although this route is slightly more expensive, large companies might benefit from this option due to the quick turnover time. Within two weeks, you will have a certificate of registration and sole ownership of the company name, with a TAX pin certificate underway.

Secondly, Kenya requires all businesses to have a City Council Business Permit in order to start trading. These legal permits are essential to include within your preliminary budget, although the costs can vary significantly depending on the company’s size and chosen industry. The next step will be to attain the health-related permits. Each Industry requires its own certification based on the relevant industry. If your business requires a physical store space, research all health and safety regulations prior to installing shopfitting or major construction. The legal documentation to prove your certification will only be provided after Health Inspectors have investigated and cleared the space.

Finally, a Fire Safety Certificate is the last legal requirement needed before you are allowed to open your doors. This specific certificate requires all fire safety procedures, including the presence of a minimum of one fire extinguisher, to be deemed as in order by an inspector upon a physical assessment. Once all your documentation is in order, your business can embrace all the opportunities that Kenya’s growing economy has to offer.

If you currently reside outside of Kenya and are interested in opening a business in Kenya, this is still a possibility. You can either relocate to Kenya, or operate your business from outside of Kenya. Either option will require additional paperwork and legalization. It is highly recommended to use a lawyer or immigration service when starting this process, to ensure your documentation is authorized and authentic. For any questions or assistance regarding Kenya, please contact IBN Immigration solutions at (insert link to website)

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