Late last month, the Irish government’s Department of Justice announced that it would be extending its five-year multi-entry visa to foreign nationals from visa-required countries. This was a smart and strategic move on the part of the government, considering the damage the pandemic has done to Ireland’s travel industry.

Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee, made a statement, saying “The availability of 5-year multi-entry short stay visas to eligible applicants from all visa required countries is a very positive measure. It will enable people who visit Ireland regularly, for business or family reasons in particular, to make one application, which when granted, will then cover travel over a five year period.”

“This will make travelling to Ireland a more convenient and attractive option at a time when travel worldwide is resuming and our tourism industry, in particular, is reopening following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Only Chinese Nationals previously qualified for the five-year multiple-entry visa.

Ireland 5-year Multi-Entry Requirements

Formerly, foreign nationals would also need to show that they had travelled through Ireland compliantly. This is no longer the case – persons with no travel history may now apply for this visa for the following reasons:

1: You travel regularly to Ireland on short visits for business meetings.

2: When you are in Ireland on business, you need to travel to another country and return to Ireland for further meetings or onward travel.

3: You are travelling to and from another country, via Ireland.

4: You are a digital nomad and travel throughout the EU and UK and transition through Ireland for short periods.

5: You have friends and family in Ireland and would like to visit for short periods.

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