The Immigration Process Does Not Stop with a Visa or Permit

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Immigration isn’t only about applying for and receiving your visa. Many governmental institutions in Kenya require you to register with them and contribute. We detail these institutions below.

National Health Insurance Fund

For an employee in Kenya, it is mandatory to register and contribute to the The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF). Members and their declared dependents enjoy in-patient as well as out-patient services. For the application, you must provide personal documents as well as documentation from your employer.

This will require your physical appearance at the NHIF office for biometrics. Some employees will still opt to have additional private health cover to get a different coverage and/or to be able to visit private hospitals.

National Social Security Fund

Another mandatory registration is for the National Social Security Fund (NSSF). This offers social protection to all Kenyan workers. The registration requirements are very similar to the NHIF registration and require a physical appearance of the applicant.

For both of the above, monetary contributions are shared by employer and employee unless otherwise stated in the contract.

Kenya Revenue Authority PIN

Workers must also register for a personal KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority) Pin. When applying for the KRA PIN, you will be required to select a tax obligation; in most cases that will be PAYE (pay as you earn). PAYE is a method of collecting tax from individuals, both resident and non-resident, in gainful employment.

The KRA PIN is not only required for tax obligations but also for making transactions (buying and selling car/land, importing goods, etc.). This registration requires documents form the applicant and employer, but not physical attendance is needed.

How IBN Immigration Solutions can help you

IBN Immigration Solutions has assisted numerous clients in Kenya and would love to assist you too! IBN can assist applicants as well as HR professionals with the application of the above to give all parties peace of mind and time to focus on their main tasks. We do also accompany the applicants to their appointments at NHIF and NSSF to ease the process.

We are familiar with all the requirements for applications, possible red-flags, and hold-ups with the government’s immigration department, meaning that you’ll be in safe hands.

If you want to know more about it, get in touch with us. We are happy to assist.

Disclaimer: At IBN Immigration Solutions, we believe in transparency and abide by Google’s rules. Please note that we are a privately-owned immigration practice and fully comply with the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act, with registration number 1998/008448/07. We offer our expertise in successfully applying for temporary and permanent residency services, for which we charge a fee. While forms required for the process can be obtained for free at any Department of Home Affairs office, we provide them as part of our service. It’s important to note that we are not affiliated with the Kenyan Government, but we do provide a valuable service to those seeking to immigrate to Kenya. Users who prefer to deal directly with the Department of Home Affairs can contact them at

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