Letter from the CEO: February 2023

IBN Immigration Solutions CEO Letter February 2023

Dear valued clients and partners,

It becomes increasingly difficult for me to find positive things or news to share in this column. My colleagues often request that I should not be so negative here, because it might scare off future clients.

However, whenever I try to pen these lines, I increasingly struggle to share good news. The very severe load shedding schedule is putting this whole country into depression.

Never-ending load shedding

Instead of paying a handsome dividend, I have invested in a solar system as well as backup batteries to keep the office fully operational during our four-hour power cuts. These are unplanned and unnecessary capital expenses, money which the business will never recover. I also start wondering if anybody is checking in on our president; if he is alright. One does not hear from him much – leadership is something else.

Lack of government reform

In addition, it seems that our President, as well as the governing party, is utterly unable to initiate any meaningful reforms. I was previously rather hopeful that under the current president, we’d slowly but surely turn things around. However, it is evident from the most recent interviews given by the ex-CEO of Eskom that the looting and corruption is continuing with no end in sight.

It does seem to me that the ANC will be unable to reform itself. However, I fear that the majority of South Africans, in particular those in rural areas, will continue to vote for the former liberation movement.

Constructive meetings

On a more positive note, I want to share that despite all the negativity surrounding us now, there are still many people who wish to make a positive difference and wish to turn back things for the better.

Last week, I was in Pretoria for two high profile meetings at the DTIC as well as SAQA. The next day, I was fortunate to meet one of the ministers in the Western Cape government, and I have to say that all three meetings were constructive, positive, and gave me energy to continue putting out immigration ideas which will make a positive impact onto our economy as well as society.

The meetings in Pretoria were prearranged by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, who I want to thank explicitly here. I am not going to share details of these meetings, but all three meetings had in common the current desolate state of the visa and immigration system. What gave me hope was that this was acknowledged, and real practical changes were discussed and envisaged.

Welcoming back staff

As a team, are looking very forward to the return of our own Bianca Nicholls after her maternity leave.

Thank you to our readers and clients for your continued support, and I hope my next column will be written in a more positive spirit.

Written by Andreas Krensel, Managing Owner

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