Letter from the CEO: March 2023

Letter from the CEO March 2023

Dear readers,

In March, we had a lot of exciting news to share. We became independent of loadshedding, had positive developments from our Kenya office, and received news about new legislation in South Africa.

Case Management Software

I am thrilled to announce that we will finally be rolling out our new cloud-based case management software, which is POPI and GDPR compliant. HR partners will have their own log-ins, and private clients will be able to upload all their documents securely to the cloud. Additionally, there will be single-topic related chat functions, which will make communication faster and more efficient.

We have been searching for a viable way to reduce emails and find a new way of working for over two years, and we believe that we have finally found the perfect solution with one of the leading software offerings on the market.

We see a strong tendency to faster and shorter communication, and emails are often not fully read or understood, or lost in backlog. Our software should make all communication easier for clients and consultants, resulting in far greater successes. We hope to speed up communication with our clients and meet their service delivery expectations. I personally also think that the onboarding of new staff will be faster and easier following the software’s implementation.

Our new world-wide immigration network Partners Immigration strongly encouraged me to make the final decision.

South Africa’s Digital Nomad Visa and More

There is also exciting news on the visa front. South Africa will be introducing a digital nomad visa, and there are discussions around the introduction of a tech-startup visa and a trusted employer scheme.

The Department of Home Affairs will also be reducing some of the required documents for some of the existing visas.

The Acting Director of Home Affairs revealed some interesting data in parliament regarding the number of outstanding permanent as well as temporary residence visas. He admitted that in particular spouses are affected.

Additionally, applicants who are still awaiting results on their long-outstanding applications have been granted an extension and are allowed to remain in South Africa until the end of December 2023.

We see some great legislation in the pipeline here, but let’s wait to see how it’s implemented.

Besting Loadshedding

During March, our SustainPower Box was delivered and successfully installed, and we will soon be receiving a major shipment of solar panels. This will allow us to power our backup battery with solar power, which means we will no longer be affected by loadshedding.

While this is good news for our sustainability reports and the environment, it is not so great for our cash balance. Doing business in Africa is often expensive due to the lack of basic services that a capable state should deliver, such as security, electricity, and water.

However, we have planned to ensure we can continue operating effectively.

The Great Alignment Session

March was also the month of management days. Staff from across Africa joined together for 3 days at Welgemeend, where we reflected on the passing financial year and looked to the next one.

After many long, jam-packed, and necessary sessions between the staff, we are greatly looking forward to this next financial year, with renewed energy and motivation for success.

Kenya on the Rise

We are also happy to announce that our Kenya branch is beginning to perform very well. We are confident in the ability of Sylvia Waiganjo and Sandra Estermann and look forward to seeing more big successes and wins from Kenya soon.

A Healthy Office is a Happy One

Congratulations are in order for our Johannesburg office, who last night took part in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge.

It’s always great to see staff enjoying their time as a team outside of the office, and events like these are so important to keep the body, and the mind, healthy!

Staffing Woes

Unfortunately, we have had some staffing issues, including a new hire who resigned without much explanation and left us in a challenging position. However, we are actively hiring to fill this position tp ensure we can continue to deliver on our promises to our clients.


Overall, we are excited about the future and the progress we are making. We hope to continue to meet our clients’ service delivery expectations and provide them with the best possible experience.

Written by Andreas Krensel, Managing Owner

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