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The Mauritius Premium Visa makes one subject to income tax, as of 1 November 2020. If you are residing within Mauritius while working remotely, you will also be taxed within Mauritius for that income. All money that is spent on non-Mauritian bank accounts will not be remitted, while income paid into Mauritian accounts might be liable to tax with the exception if proof is delivered that tax is paid within the country of origin. Another permit which has been changed is that of an occupational permit as a professional.

This permit is offered for spouses of occupation permit holders, and is valid for 10 years. Depending on the sector in which one works, the minimum monthly salary varies. For the ICT, BPO, pharmaceutical manufacturing and food production industry, a salary of Rs 30 000 is required, while fund accounting and compliance workers need a minimum of 3-years experience above this minimum salary requirement. All other sectors however, require a salary of Rs 60 000. Individuals working in the public sector will unfortunately be limited to 3-year employment periods, as well as all young professional permit holders.

Finally, the premium investor scheme acts as an introduction for premium investors with certificates for projects, and invites manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. This certificate requires a minimum investment of Rs 500million in an emerging sector, pioneering, innovative technology or a targeted economic acquisition that has been approved by the minister. The benefits of this certificate includes a rebate or exemption to tax and other duties, as well as facilities, grants and exemptions with relation to land, buildings and foreign labour requirements.

All the changes might sound heavy on the ear, so if you think that you might be affected by any of these changes, do not hesitate to inquire. It is important to remember that each immigration case is unique, and at IBN we aspire to connect individuals with opportunities.

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