On August 5, President Nyusi declared a new State of Emergency which will be in effect from August 8 through September 6, 2020 and enables continued enforcement of restrictive measures to prevent and control the pandemic including mandatory wearing of face masks in public spaces, social distancing measures, and limits on social gatherings and recreational activities. Not complying with the regulations will result in fines and arrest.

The President announced a phased approach to resuming economic and social activity in Mozambique.

Phase 1: Low Risk Activities – Beginning August 18

  • Resumption of higher education classes, technical and vocational classes, primary and adult education teaching training classes (if compliant with the conditions imposed by the health authorities)
  • Increased participation in funeral services to 50 people, except in cases where the cause of death is COVID-19 (in which case only ten participants are allowed)
  • Resumption of religious services (50 participants maximum)

Phase 2: Medium Risk Activities – Beginning September 1

  • Reopening of cinemas, theaters, casinos, and gyms (if compliant with the conditions imposed by the health authorities)
  • Reopening of driving schools and resumption of motorsports (if compliant with the conditions imposed by the health authorities)

Phase 3: High Risk Activities – Beginning October 1

  • Resumption of Grade 12 classes (if compliant with the conditions imposed by the health authorities)
  • Resumption of primary and other secondary classes will depend on compliance with the conditions imposed by the health and education authorities and the assessment of the local and regional COVID-19 infection rates
  • Resumption of group sports based on the same conditions as primary and secondary classes

International flights

The borders are in principle still closed for normal activities. Government will however authorize a limited amount of flights for passengers from specific countries, but under the condition of reciprocity. No further details on the resumption of international flights are available yet.

Once regularly scheduled international flights resume, airlines will be required to observe health and safety measures as specified by health authorities.

Re-initiation issuing of certain documents-  11 August

  • Validity of expired documents such as ID, driver license, residence permit, work visa, importation license. is extended till 30 September.
  • A per 11 August (but in practice as from 17 august) the Government started again issuing new ID, driver license, residence permit, work visa, importation license.


  • During the state of emergency there are strict limitation of providing entry visa’s.
  • existing agreements between Mozambique and specific countries are suspended
  • For technicians who work on projects for Government, if agreed upon on writing by all ministries involved, the counting of the time period spend in Mozambique is suspended
  • Exceptionally, entry visa’s may be provided, if in the interest of Government and for humanitarian situations

 Licenses and Authorizations

  • During the state of emergency, licenses, authorizations and other types of administrative agreements, remain valid.

 Reduction of restrictions subject to criteria

The implementation of the phased resumption of socio-economic activity will be contingent upon:

  • the ability of the Government to manage the evolution of the pandemic
  • the national health system’s guaranteed response capacity
  • the robustness of testing capacity

Entry and Exit Requirements

The Ministry of Health (MISAU) has implemented screening at airports and other points of entry scanning the temperatures of all travellers. Travelers will be required to provide proof of negative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)-based COVID-19 test results administered in their country of origin within 72 hours of departure.

All arrivals to Mozambique, regardless of citizenship, will be on a mandated 10-day self-quarantine (see quarantine information below).

Following the 10-day self-quarantine, travellers will be required to pass a second PCR-based COVID-19 test to confirm continued negative test results.  The cost for the test will be incurred by the traveller.

Quarantine Information

The Mozambican Government has mandated a 10-day self-quarantine for all arrivals, regardless of citizenship or prior travel.

The Mozambican Government has mandated a 14-day self-quarantine for all persons who have had direct contact with confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Local Resources

  • Travelers are urged to consult the Mozambican Government portal for information on COVID-19 https://covid19.ins.gov.mz/ for the most accurate and updated information in Mozambique.
  • COVID-19 Hotline: 84 146.
  • MISAU is offering a daily press briefing on the COVID-19 situation and efforts to prevent its spread.


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By Karin Burgman