Europe is in the midst of a turbulent period, with Russia recently having invaded Ukraine and cost of living and property prices soaring. Are you thinking of starting a business, retiring in a peaceful setting or diversifying your investment portfolio? If you have been exploring ways to realise your relocation dream while protecting your family and legacy during this difficult time, keep reading about Property Investment and the Investment Visa in Namibia

With its breath-taking landscapes, strong democratic governance and amenities on par with international standards of living, Namibia’s new estate investment opportunity may be the solace you’ve been seeking.

A leading estate developer in Walvis Bay has come to an agreement with the Namibian Ministry of Home Affairs and the Immigration Board to create a project that will drive Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Namibia. Namibia has always been friendly when it comes to inviting FDI, with tax incentives available for investors in some sectors, such as manufacturing. Walvis Bay Harbour has also recently been upgraded, cementing the country further as an investment gateway into Africa. German nationals coming to Namibia feel particularly welcome as German and English are two of Namibia’s main languages and the country boasts a large German expatriate network.


Simply put, when you purchase a property on the golf estate, the property will be registered as a business, which allows you to qualify immediately for an Investor Visa. The application process has been streamlined as a fully digitised process on the estate’s website, which means you can purchase the property and apply for your visa online before entering Namibia.

The processing duration is around five weeks and a detailed business plan is not necessary for submission in this case. The main applicant will then qualify for a work permit for up to five years, with an option for renewal and an eventual path to permanent residence in Namibia if all conditions are met after seven years. As the main applicant, your work permit permissions will make it possible for your spouse and dependents to live with you in Namibia.

The properties and prices are listed in full on our website but to whet your appetite slightly, here are some of the benefits of living on this gorgeous estate:

  1. If you are an avid golfer, you could walk out of your front door and onto the green,
  2. If your parents accompany you and are of retirement age (60 and older), the estate boasts a hospital and a hospice for residents,
  3. Applicant levies are not tied to the maintenance of the golf course,
  4. The estate also includes a hotel, casino, pet-friendly recreational parks and a shopping mall on the premises,
  5. If your children are joining you, an international Curro school is being built just outside the estate to accommodate their educational needs,
  6. Tax can be claimed back on the purchase of your property,
  7. You may rent out your property on a long-term basis,
  8. And if you are running a business, you may continue to do so from within Namibia – your business location is not limited to Walvis Bay.

Visa Requirements and Application

When investing in Namibia, certain visa requirements are necessary to qualify. The most applicable visas, in this case, would be the Investor Permit, Retirement Visa, a Study Visa for accompanying minors and the Spousal Permit for those looking to join their partners in Namibia. For more information on visa types and document requirements, click here.

The online process for visa submissions can be tricky if you’re not familiar with utilising online portals. At IBN Immigration Solutions, we can offer you our assistance during your online submission. With over twenty years of experience expediting visa submissions, allow us to handle the administration so that you can focus on settling into your new place of residence. Contact the immigration experts at IBN Immigration Solutions today and make Namibia your new place of peace. Property Investment and the Investment Visa in Namibia is in your grasp.

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Written by: Andreas Krensel and Lauren Daniels