Planning a trip can be be a nightmare and the visa part of that planning tends to be the biggest nightmare of all, especially if you are not well equipped with all the relevant information, at times you are not even sure whether you need a visa or not.

In today’s article we will go a bit more into Work and business Visa for short term assignments. The most popular question we get asked, “I am coming to Namibia for a week to come do this and this, do I need a work visa?”

A work visa is applicable whether you will be working for a Namibian company or even if you are participating in unpaid volunteer work.

A business visa is required if you are visiting Namibia for work purposes, even if it is to attend a conference for just a few days.

Please see below scenarios that should help in answering some of your questions:

  • I am coming to Namibia to attend a conference/workshop but I am not the facilitator of the conference, what do I need?
  • You will need a business visa which can be obtained on arrival free of charge provided you are a citizen of a visa exempted country. (list of visas exempted countries available). If your country is not visa exempted you will need to apply for a business visa in advance before travelling.
  • I am coming to Namibia to attend a workshop/conference and I am the facilitator/conductor of the workshop, what do I need?
  • You will need to apply for a short-term work visa which can issued for a maximum of 3 months.
  • My company is sending me to Namibia to carry out a project in agreement with a Namibian company for just a week, what do I need?
  • You will need to apply for a short-term work visa.

A work visa is usually issued for a maximum of 3 months; however, Home Affairs recently extended the validity of the short-term work visa and can now be issued for a maximum of 6 months. Of course, the 6 months short-term work visa has more requirements, please get in touch with us for more information.

Getting a visa is a process in any country, but as long as you apply for the most appropriate visa, and have all the relevant paperwork, the process can be quite easy and hassle free.

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By Uaaruka Kandjii