The need to craft innovative economic recovery strategies and to remove barriers and regulations that hamper economic growth, has been brought forward in several conversations, but little practical implementation has followed.

E-commerce is emerging as one of the key priorities for policymakers in business individuals.

In response to COVID-19, online ordering has provided a vital supply-channel for many and has preserved jobs even while large sections of the economy have been shut down.

Namibia’s countrywide COVID-19 related restrictions will be lowered in 13 of its 14 regions to boost social and economic activities.

Over the past few weeks there has been an increase in the COVID-19 related cases with a total of 102 confirmed cases to date. The government is mindful of the negative effects, caused by a full lockdown, on businesses, households, and livelihoods, while still considering the country’s capacity to handle rising numbers of infections.

As of 30th June 2020, Namibia will migrate from stage 3 to stage 4 in 13 regions while Erongo region will migrate to stage 3 with relaxed measures in place for an extended period of 10 weeks.

Points of entry will remain closed except for the transportation of goods.

We are all aware of the detrimental effect that COVID-19 has been having on the industry; especially on the tourism and hospitality industry which was heavily affected. In collaboration with the tourism and hospitality industry the government will conduct a targeted international tourism revival initiative from 15 July to 15 Aug.

This initiative will look to accommodate a limited number of tourists who will be determined in consultation with the private sector.

The following points to be considered for the tourism revival initiative:

* Tourists will be carefully selected from low risk countries

* They must have the potential to contribute positively towards the tourism/hospitality industry.

* Proof of a negative Covid19 test result should be presented when entering and be subject again to a test on arrival and willing to undergo 14 days quarantine period.

Stage 4 of relaxed measures will run until 17 Sep 2020. There is a higher possibility that borders will start opening again by that time for any neighbouring countries. This is a good indicator that we are moving in a positive direction towards recovery.

Home Affairs is to still release a statement regarding their operations.

We will continue to update you as frequently as any changes within the country comes forth. We will also update you on any operational changes at Home Affairs, as well the opening of borders.


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By Uaaruka Kandjii