One of the first things an individual worry about when moving abroad, is “will I be able to fit in and make friends again”

Well, we have some good news for you!

When you move to Namibia you will find expat communities of all nationalities. Immigrants, refugees and expatriates from all around the world are living peacefully together with Namibian citizens.

Lets say for example you are a stay at home mom, or are working full time and you worry that you might not have the time available to get out and be able to meet new people and make friends, then this will be perfect for you. Even though you will be a “stranger” in a foreign country where people speak a different language and have different culinary preferences, you can still find people from the same culture than you.

Namibia has quite a few groups that enables expats to get together and meet other people from the same nationality. This way you get to make new friends that talks the same language and loves the same music and food than you. This is home – away from home!

Below is a comprehensive list of links to follow to join forums for guidance, advice and insider tips on starting your new life as an expat. This expat forum is the perfect place for expats currently living in Namibia to meet others as well as for individuals thinking about moving to Namibia – they can already meet people online before they move there and have instant friends when they arrive.

These forums are well-established, and full of advice that you will only be able to get from people who have done it already. They will make your relocation as smooth process as possible, and you will make lots of friends along the way.

The following links are some of the expat groups we found:

  1. – connecting women worldwide
  2. – The expat platform gives support with essential information and enables expats to meet new friends and connect with fellow expats global minds.
  3. Namibia Expat Forum: Forum for Expats Living in Namibia | Expat Exchange
  4. Expat community in Namibia: Just Landed – Everything you need to live abroad – connecting expats worldwide.
  5. Moving to Namibia | Expat Arrivals – Questions and answers forum
  6. Expats in Namibia | Facebook – This group is dedicated to help expats in Namibia with concerns, questions, problems. Help each other and welcome the new comers facilitating their arrival and settling in.
  7. South Africans living in Namibia | Facebook – Social platform for South Africans living in Namibia.

We believe that connecting with fellow expats can be a very helpful experience, that can make the moving process more comfortable knowing you have someone there that experience the same emotions and cultural shock than you.

We hope you will check out some of the forums on the list above and feel welcome in our beautiful country!


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By Uaaruka Kandjii