Mauritius’ new visa is allowing residency test-drives

The international tourist industry has been affected by Covid, and countries have since tried to open alternative avenues to bring foreigners to their borders. There are about 20 countries who have implemented some form of remote-work visa, to allow applicants to explore other countries, without having to go through the rigorous process to obtain a long-term permit.  

While some countries only allow certain citizens to apply, with proof of an income of over US 4 000.00, rigorous background checks and medical examinations, Mauritius has streamlined to process. They have made it relatively easy for anyone to apply, and have kept the requirements realistic. 

Mauritius has implemented what they call the ‘Premium Visa’, which allows applicants and their families to live and work remotely for 12 months, whilst exploring Mauritius. 

Basic Requirements 

  1. Contract with Foreign Owned Company for at least 12 months to allow remote work
  2. Minimum income of US 1500.00 p/m 
  3. International Health Insurance

But why choose Mauritius? 

  1. Easy application process– so no background checks or medicals needed 
  2. Minimum requirements
  3. No Government Fee
  4. Renewable in country after the first 12 months
  5. Can change status within Mauritius to a long-term permit option
  6. Spouse and children can accompany main applicant
  7. No quarantine needed if you are fully vaccinated
  8. Open to all nationalities

Something to consider however, is the Tax Implications in your home country and in Mauritius, as you might be liable for tax, depending on your length of stay. Furthermore, Children of school going age, who are not making use of online studies and wish to attend a school in Mauritius, will have to apply for the relevant Study Visa. 

This visa is a wonderful opportunity to explore Mauritius, see if you wish to make it your future home, whilst retaining the security of being able to go home if the island life is not for you. If you think you and your family qualify for the Premium Visa or alternatively wish to discuss any other permit options, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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