One of the first questions that need to be determined when considering an application for an EU Blue Card Visa or Qualified Professional Visa for Germany, is whether your South African qualification is recognised as an equivalent to a German qualification.

Information on the recognition and equivalency of your qualification is essential for the visa and residence permit process but can also be relevant for a prospective employer to understand your qualification with reference to the German education system. Germany is looking for Qualified Professionals.

For University/Technikon degrees, the central database Anabin provides information on the recognition of all foreign degrees.

It is important that both the degree, as well as the issuing institution have the required recognition rating.

  • The degree will be rated either as “conditionally comparable”, “corresponds to” or “equivalent to.” Only the last rating entails recognition of both the formal and substantive degree requirements.
  • The issuing institution is rated either “H-“, “H+” und “H+/-“ and the required rating is “H+”.

The database is currently only available in German and may require some deeper research and IBN will assist with the process of checking the equivalency of your degree as the first step of assisting you in your visa process.

A formal recognition process will be required in the following cases and the type of qualification will determine the relevant German authority to approach for this recognition:

  • If the degree is not rated as “equivalent to” or the institution is not rated as “H+”.
  • If the degree or institution is not (yet) recorded in the Anabin database.
  • For qualifications other than University/Technikon degrees, such as vocational training.

If you require assistance for the recognition of your degree, please contact us and we will advise you and can assist you with the formal recognition process if required, as well as provide full support for the visa and residence permit application.

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by Hannah Mminele