An Urgent reminder to Corporates using (ICT) Intra-Company Transfer Visas [...]

South Africa puts 59 countries on its ‘banned leisure travel list’

South Africa has anxiously been waiting for this announcement since we moved to LEVEL 1  As an immigration company, the closing of the borders in South Africa resulted in our services coming to a halt and our staff members, like many other South Africans had to make huge compromises. Working remotely was the most unlikely of them.   The immigration, travel and tourism sectors, in general, are very excited about this new development.  After weeks of speculation...

State of Emergency extended in Mozambique with 30 days.

The current State of Emergency in Mozambique is supposed to end on June 30. So far, there has been no new announcements by the Government about what measures will put in place from the 1st of July 2020. Our IBN Mozambique office will...

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