Overview: How to Apply for a Kenyan Special Pass

Senior Immigration Consultant Melissa Moses explains the requirements and steps to obtaining a Kenyan Special Pass.

Investors encouraged to consider Kenya

In an effort to attract foreign investors, the Kenyan government has launched an 'easy path to citizenship' program that will enable investors to become citizens.This comes in conjunction with another bid to attract more foreign direct investment; Kenya will also waive the visa requirements for investors from Tanzania.  

Startups: Invest in Kenya – Here’s Why

Sylvia Waiganjo goes over a range of range of sectors with ready-to-be accessed investment opportunities in Kenya and why you should consider investing in this exquisite African gem.

Work in Kenya with these Accessible Visa Options

Sylvia Waiganjo goes over the Kenyan Special Pass and Class D Work Permit and explains the application requirements and processes involved in each.

Kenya Rules and Regulations Update

After several months of having no frequent updates due to the fact that the world came to a standstill with Covid-19, this is finally changing. We are so glad to start delivering frequent updates on news and new developments in Kenya. If you want to travel to Kenya you need a COVID19-free certificate as per Ministry of Health guidelines in you...

IBN Kenya outlook on business impact from the Covid-19 Pandemic

Kenya confirmed its first Covid-19 case on 13th March 2020. Since then the number has risen to 320 cases and 14 deaths as of 23rd April 2020. As East Africa largest economy, the impact on businesses has been felt across board as government measures to curb the virus took effect. These measures included; Shutting down boarders, suspension of air travel and inter county travel plus night curfew across...

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