Mauritius Opens in July – Except for South Africans

Mauritius will open its borders to travellers in July but South Africans are still restricted. Familiarise yourself with updated travel restrictions for this gorgeous African island in this article.

Impact of lockdown on corporates in South Africa

South Africa was placed in lockdown because of the global covid-19 pandemic on March 26.

A transformation to online selling and remote working was unprecedented, that resulted in questions around security and the need to review processes. Companies now had to consider a different way to...

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A Letter from Our CEO

Andreas Krensel discusses his personal observations around lockdown restrictions in South Africa and how they've affected the layman, businesses, employers and entrepreneurs so far.

A Letter from Our CEO

This Freedom Day, Andreas Krensel ponders the concept of personal freedom within the contecxt of South Africa's current lockdown.

Nigeria Update on COVID-19

Since March 30, Nigeria is also in lockdown, although a partial one. 3 states namely Lagos, Abuja and Ogun were placed in lockdown for 14 days. No international travel is permitted, and all land borders are closed. The above travel restrictions were already announced earlier and came into effect on March 23.

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