Read our latest publication on Immigration News from Africa. In this article we discuss:

  • Angola– Embassy operating times and Short Stay Visa Extensions
  • Namibia – Application requirements
  • Ghana – Covid test requirements
  • Tanzania – Wok permit application durations

Plenty of opportunities to network if you are an expat in Namibia

One of the first things an individual worry about when moving abroad, is "will I be able to fit in and make friends again" Well, we have some good news for you! When you move to Namibia you will...

Namibia: Student permits not needed anymore!

Are you considering moving to Namibia for work purposes? If so, then we have good news for you! In the past, parents had to apply for employment permits for themselves, as well as...

How to obtain an employment permit in Namibia!

If you are a foreign National and would like to work and live in Namibia for a period of 6 months and longer, the information below is relevant to you. A Namibian employment permit gives you the permission to enter and stay in Namibia for the purposes of working and earning a salary. It takes the form of an endorsement/stamp in your...

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What to expect from life in Namibia?

Namibia is located in the Southern part of Africa, is quite an interesting expat destination. Apart from its beautiful landscapes, it offers a business-friendly environment to expatriates wishing to settle here. The country is indeed one of...

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Namibia is officially open!

Covid-19 has disrupted our daily life all over the world for such an extended time that the idea of traveling to another country all of a sudden seems like a dream! In the last week or so, the idea of opening our borders to travellers has gained traction, and some countries are taking concrete steps. It is with great excitement that we are able to share the following updates with you! As the six-month...

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