Expected Critical Skills List in South Africa 2021

Which occupations will be on the new Critical Skills List [...]

The Mauritius Premium Visa Explained.

This permit is offered for spouses of occupation permit holders, and is valid for 10 years.

Latest South African Immigration updates with Andreas Krensel

Watch Andreas Krensel now, for updates on Immigration into South Africa and the challenges we face:

  • Delays in SAQA Applications
  • Waiving Requirements at the Department of Labour
  • Opening Permanent Residence on new applications in South Africa

Video: How employers can find out if employee documents are legal.

Are you in the progress of employing an individual with a foreign nationality? Not sure whether his/her Permanent Residence or...

NAMIBIA: Investor Visa – Is there a fast track to Permanent Residence?

NAMIBIA: Investor Visa - Is there a fast track to Permanent Residence? Foreigners who wish to purchase or set up their new business in Namibia and operate and live in Namibia must apply for an investor visa. The current requirements are:a minimum investment of 2 million NAD, business plan outlining the proposed activities or services to be undertaken in Namibia, ideally a transfer of skills plan for Namibian employees as well qualifications in line with the business you are looking at investing in. Depending on the sector, there may be registrations with professional bodies as well, i.e. Department of Health for medical professionals.

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