Opening a South African Business Bank Account can be quite a hassle nowadays, especially when you are a foreigner to the country.

IBN Immigration & Business Solutions can assist you with an easy way forward with all formalities and can guide you through in opening your bank account. To make things as easy as possible, we have partnered up with a leading South African private bank were we can give you the opportunity to open an online bank account on your behalf.

Doing so you will be able to engage with your business with the shortest possible delay due to bureaucratic reasons.


  • Easy opening of online bank accounts with competitive interest rates and daily availability
  • Options of fix term deposit, if requested
  • Payments and transactions are conducted by IBN on your written instructions and immediately confirmed by us.
  • Correspondence with bankers
  • Support in receiving offshore inflows as well as transfer money abroad with filing of BOP forms (balance of payment)
  • Assistance with any other banking inquiries regarding accounts at other banks