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residency by investment


Residency by investment is the process of obtaining a permanent residency permit in another country by investing in the country.

Citizenship by Investment


Citizenship by investment is the granting of citizenship status and second passport to an individual and his family upon a specified investment in the country

Outside Africa Immigration and travel


We also offer Immigration Services allowing you to visit, work or reside in a foreign country.

We provide the best Golden Visa programmes offered in European countries. IBN Immigration Solutions has spent a considerable amount of time and effort to find a suitable partner who fits our expectations with regard to service delivery. We decided to team up with a law firm rather than a real estate developer in order to be able to provide proper legal advice on the best residence program.

Our partner is a UK law firm with an international arm and offices in various European countries specialising in UK Immigration and EU Citizenship by Investment. The Principal has worked for the UK Government’s Immigration Department before embarking on a stellar legal career. He is supported by a team of seasoned lawyers and support staff.

Recent changes to the South African Immigration Landscape
People in immigration services

IBN Immigration Solutions is an award winning immigration company providing specialist immigration services for international markets. Our key differentiator is our people, people are the essence of our brand’s success. With a team of 30 individuals and 5 offices, you are assisted by one of the biggest Immigration Service Providers in Africa.

In our offices we have 7 nationalities speak 10 languages and we cover more than 20 countries. Our differentiation is our partners, as they are very well-informed with unique insights into current and future global trends of talent mobility. They specialize in the most lucrative and beneficial investment programs for you.