What is a citizenship?

Citizenship is a status of an individual recognized under the laws, the state grants certain rights such as vote, work, live and own a property. Each country has its own policies, regulations and criteria to become a citizen when you come from a foreign country. To acquire the citizenship and the corresponding passports you must have been birth, naturalize or married in the country. In our case we will do the naturalization process by which an individual can acquire citizenship by residing and investing in the country.

What is a citizenship by investment?

Citizenship by investment is the process of obtaining a second citizenship passport by investing in the economy or activities sectors chosen by the country. This programs allow you to get a second secure citizenship, in fact, you get the Civil rights to participate in public and political life but also to travel and live in all the partners countries of your new home country.

UK Citizenship by Investment


Since 2008, the UK government introduced its Investor Visa Program. This program allows you to get a residency permit in only 10 weeks.

Portugal Citizenship by Investment


After 6 years as a Portuguese resident, you can apply for the Portuguese citizenship and all member of your family are included.

Greece Citizenship by Investment


After 7 years of residency in Greece you can directly apply for the Citizenship and a Greek passport. Family members are allowed to be included.

Malta Citizenship by Investment


The Maltese residency program is one of the simplest programs in Europe, in fact you can get the citizenship within 12 to 14 months.

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment


In 2013, the government of Cyprus introduced its program for foreigners who would like to invest in the country in exchange for residence or citizenship.