Introduced in 2013 by the government, The Malta Individual Investor Programme offers the possibility to get a residency permit in exchange for investment in the country. This program is one of the simplest program in Europe.

  • To get the Maltese residency permit in 3 months
  • Visa free travel in the whole Europe
  • Permit valid for life
  • No municipal taxes and no double taxation
  • Family member are included
  • Make a donation of €30,000
  • Have no criminal record
  • Must be over 18 years old
  1. Invest at least € 250,000 into government bonds and to be retained for a minimum period of 5 years
  2. Buy a property of €320,000 (Price can change according to the location), or rent a property of €12,000 per year. (Price can change according to the location).

IBN Immigration Solutions has spent a considerable amount of time and effort to find a suitable partner who fits our expectations with regard to service delivery. We decided to team up with a law firm rather than a real estate developer in order to be able to provide proper legal advice on the best residence program.

Our partner is a UK law firm with an international arm and offices in various European countries specialising in UK Immigration and EU Citizenship by Investment. The Principal has worked for the UK Government’s Immigration Department before embarking on a stellar legal career. He is supported by a team of seasoned lawyers and support staff.

We will introduce you to our partner firm and you will contract directly with them. The communication is direct and efficient.


  • Fill in the application questionnaire by clicking the button further below.

  • Organize a pre-qualification call or appointment with one of our consultants.

  • We will put you in contact with our partner and make sure that information already provided is shared in order to avoid double work for you.

  • We will follow-up with our partner and you to make sure communication is established.