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The Republic of Ireland is in a unique position to be part of both the European Union and the Common Travel Area with the United Kingdom. Ireland has one of the fastest growing economies in the Eurozone and has become an attractive destination for major global technology companies, as well as companies from a variety of other sectors. Immigrate to Ireland today.

Immigrants with Work-Visas to Retirement and Investment Visas are all welcome here!
From lively cities to beautiful landscapes, rich culture and an excellent education system, Ireland has much to offer.


South African passport holders do not require a visa to enter Ireland. However, the employment permit application needs to be submitted prior to travelling to Ireland and in certain circumstances pre-clearance may be required.

Applicants may qualify either for a Critical Skills Employment Permit or a General Employment Permit. The Critical Skills Employment Permit is available to persons who have received a job offer for a minimum of 2 years, for occupations on the Critical Skills Occupations List or a minimum annual remuneration of 64 000 Euro.  

In this case, an Intra Company Transfer (ICT) employment may be the additional option for senior management, key personnel or personnel undergoing training and IBN can assist you and your employer with the application and advising of the correct category.  

We provide a full range of immigration services for Ireland. With our professional and trusted network of partners, we have the pulse on policy issues and the practical reality, which governs immigration rules & regulations. 

We will first do a consultation, on which permit would be the correct one for you. We advise on the required documentation and compile the complete application on your behalf. We will help you save time gathering the required documents to finalize your application. 

Together with our expert partners located in Ireland, we can offer assistance both in South Africa and in Ireland. 

Dependent family members (generally spouse and children) can accompany the holder of a Critical Skills Employment Permit and the spouse will be permitted to work in Ireland.  

Yes, partners within a life partnerships, akin to marriage and including cohabitation for at least 2 years will qualify as dependents, as well as same-sex partners (whether married or in a life partnership meeting the relevant requirements).  

Yes, Ireland offers residence permits to persons through the Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP), which provides four options of investment, ranging from an investment of 500 000 Euro to 2 million Euro and IBN can assist you in deciding on the most suitable option for you. 


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