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Application for a Mozambique Investment Visa

Mozambique’s investment visa is for those who want to invest in the country. Investors and entrepreneurs must apply for this visa if they’re going to invest in an existing business or establish their own business to invest in Mozambique.

A Mozambican investment visa is valid for two years. It doesn’t provide a path if you want to emigrate to Mozambique.

Contact IBN Immigration Solutions, and we’ll assign a consultant who specialises in Mozambican investment visas. Your consultant will help you navigate the application process to ensure that all applications go as smoothly as possible.

Mozambique Business Visa Requirements, Forms & Documentation

Mozambique investment visas have requirements that can be divided into two types: General and visa-specific.

Your Mozambican immigration consultant will help you procure all the forms and documents necessary to apply for your visa.

General Forms & Documentation Requirements

  • A completed and signed Mozambique visa application form
  • A valid passport with three blank pages
  • The passport must be valid for six more months from the date of approval
  • Proof of paid fees

Visa-Specific Forms & Documentation Requirements

  • Proof of sufficient investment funds
  • Certified copy of employment contract, if applicable.
  • Medical certificate and radiological report
  • Police clearance certificate from country of origin or the country in which you’ve lived from the time you were 18 years old
  • Certified copies of training certificates and experience, university degrees, and trade qualifications
  • Registration with a Mozambique professional association, if required (for example, doctors and engineers), and proof of registration with a trade union, if relevant.
  • Proof of Mozambique Tax Registration, if applicable.
  • Certified copy of Status Investment Certificate, if applicable.

Mozambique Investment Visa Costs

The costs for the different types of visas in Mozambique vary, depending on the duration of the visa, the purpose, and your country of origin. Your country of origin is important because fees for visa-restricted countries differ from those for visa-exempt countries.

Your Mozambican immigration consultant will explain the costs to you so you can see what your money is paying for and can also budget accordingly.

How to Apply for a Mozambique Investment Visa

  1. Your Mozambique immigration consultant will help you with the application process. For instance, they help you complete the forms correctly and ensure that your application pack contains all the necessary documentation.
  2. The application pack enables IBN Immigration to pre-complete the application.
  3. Note: You must prove that your company has a budget of at least $50 million to invest in Mozambique.

  4. Applications are submitted for an in-house quality check to ensure everything is in place so you won’t have to go back and forth trying to find the correct forms or redo forms that were completed incorrectly.
  5. Submit your application at the Mozambique embassy or consular mission nearest to you.
  6. Once applications are submitted, the only thing to do is wait and see if your visa is approved.
  7. Your immigration specialist will give you an estimated turnaround time based on current trends in Mozambique.
  8. Remember, the investment visa on its own doesn’t provide a path for you to emigrate to Mozambique permanently. Talk to your immigration consultant about other visa options should you wish to emigrate.

Frequently Asked Questions

2 years.

Entrepreneurs must apply for this visa if they’re going to invest in an existing business or establish their own business.

No, there is not.

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