Invest in Namibia and obtain your Namibian Residency and Investor Visa

Foreign applicants may invest in a business in Namibia which also allows the applicant and their families to live in Namibia. The Namibian Residency and Investor Visa can be yours by investing at least 2 million NAD (Namibian Dollars). Foreign Investors qualify for an Investment Visa, which provides a path to Permanent Residence after seven years.
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Advantages of Investing in Namibian Property

A wonderful opportunity for this is the Presidents Links Golf Estate, in Walvis Bay Namibia. Investment in one of the properties in this estate is registered as a Business in Namibia. The Presidents Links Golf Estate came to an agreement with the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Immigration Selection Board, to come up with an innovative way, to bring investment to Namibia.

The processing time once all documents have been submitted for the Investment Visa is 5 weeks. The main applicant is given a 5-year work permit, tied to the company. As the application is done online only, the applicant is not required to travel to Namibia to submit their application. IBN Immigration Solutions, in partnership with President’s Links Gold Estate, will submit on the investor’s behalf.

The Namibian Residency and Investor Visa allows the Investor to set-up and run their business from anywhere in Namibia, not just within Walvis Bay.
This allows for foreign companies to bring their business into Namibia, whether it is service-based or even manufacturing, to Namibia.

After seven years of retaining the investment and complying with all other requirements, the investor and their family can apply for Permanent Residence in Namibia. This is accessible with the Namibian Residency and Investor Visa

Investors can also claim back a % of tax, as it is a registered company
For example, you buy property for 4 Million and start with assessed tax loss of 4 Million, thus you can make a lot of profit until you pay income tax

For those just wishing to retire in Namibia, this is the perfect solution, as their is a Hospice and Hospital on the estate.
Minimum retirement age is 60 years old.

This opportunity also allows investors to rent out the property on a long-term basis, while AirBnB is not currently possible.

The investor’s levies, are not tied to the maintenance of the golf course and depending on property size, can range from anywhere from NAD 3500.00 p/m upwards, but will be confirmed by developers.

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