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The South African immigration system acknowledges and protects the family unit by ensuring the family can reside together in South Africa. South African citizens, permanent residence holders and any Long-Term Visa holder may be accompanied by their spouse or life-partner and minor children.

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South African children are still required to provide supporting documents, in line with the requirements of the Children´s Act as well as the same applies to unaccompanied foreign children.

Spouses and Dependants of South African citizens or permanent residents would not have to depart from South Africa when applying for a change in Visitor’s visa status. This change of status application can now be submitted at any VFS office located in South Africa.

You can apply for a tourist visa extension in South Africa once only, this should be done 60 days prior to the expiry of your original tourist visa. However, if you have less than 60 days left on your tourist visa, you can still apply for an extension adding a “letter of good cause” explaining while you are late in submitting your application and it will be at the discretion of Home Affairs to grant you an extension or not.

You can work a maximum of 20 hours per week on the Study Visa and you do not need a special permit to do so.

One can apply for permanent residence permission based on the following categories:

  • Based on financial independence: One must prove a minimum net worth (assets worldwide) in excess of ZAR 12million. If granted, note that there is a “success fee” of ZAR 120,000.00 payable to HA (Home Affairs).
  • Based on retirement: One would need to prove a monthly income of ZAR 37,000.00 derived from assets (in RSA or abroad).
  • Based on work: For anyone who has been holder of a work permit (ICT doesn’t qualify) for 5 years consecutively and who has received a permanent offer of employment.

It can take anything between 12 to 18 months and HA in Pretoria adjudicates the permanent residence permit.

Yes, South Africa recognizes life partnership and therefore the life-partner can apply together with the main applicant (if the relationship exists for more than 2 years) and doesn’t need to apply in his/her own right. For the life-partner who is attached to the main applicant and qualifies for a “spousal and life partner visa”, the duration of the relationship (2 years/+) must be proven via various means proving cohabitation: common bank account; shared accommodation; affidavit; notarial agreement.

Yes, South Africa is very open in that respect and recognizes same sex marriages. However, same sex marriages applicants will have to provide additional documents such as: in case of a foreign spousal relationship, proof of official recognition thereof issued by the authorities of the foreign country; notarial agreement attesting that the permanent relationship exists for longer than 2 years; notarial agreement attesting that neither of the parties is a spouse of an existing marriage or of another permanent homosexual or heterosexual relationship.

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