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Uganda is in East Africa and with Kampala as its capital and with a country population of around 45.74 million people, Uganda host a unique landscape, from the Rwenzori Mountains to Lake Victoria .

Uganda relies heavliy on exporting of merchandise for example, coffee, oil, metals and sugar to name a few.

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You must apply your entry permit at the closest Uganda Mission in your home country

Yes, your spouse and children can apply for dependent visa’s to accompany you.
Note that life partnership and same sex relationship are unfortunately not recognized by The Ugandan Government

Any foreigner wishing to study either at primary, secondary or tertiary education, requires a study permit

We provide a full range of immigration services for Uganda. With our professional and trusted network of partners, we have the pulse on policy issues and the practical realities that govern immigration rules and regulations.

We will first do a consultation, on which visa or permit would be the correct one for you. We advise on the required documentation and compile the complete application on your behalf. We will help you save time gathering the required documents to finalize your application.

There is great advantage in having a reliable local representative who will submit the application in Uganda and collect the necessary documents for you.