Kristin joined the IBN team as the Talent Development Manager where she focuses on recruiting, training and retaining the best employees while creating strategic solutions for improving skills across the company workforce.

Kristin was born and raised in a small village in Germany that she left after graduating from high school to embark on a global travel adventure. She studied Tourism Management in the Netherlands and relocated to South Africa in 2010 as part of her studies.

She then acquired experience in the tourism industry and built up an office from 5 to 60+ employees at a global volunteering organization where she was in charge of various areas from HR to finance, strategy and general office management duties.

In her free time, Kristin enjoys spending time outdoors with her family. Most days she can be found starting her day with outdoor bootcamp at 5.30am, hiking and enjoying long walks. Her passion for travelling keeps her exploring new places at any given chance.