Immigration News from Africa 2021

Immigration News from Africa 2021

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Ghana now requires all work visa applicants to submit a valid COVID-19 test. This is applicable to new permit applications, renewals and extensions.

Nigeria has placed an embargo on South African, Turkish, and Brazilian passport holders. This decision has been based on the COVID-19 variants and infection rates of the affected countries. Officially, a 14-day quarantine enables travellers to access the country. However, this unfortunately does not work in practice, and with one of these three passports access to Nigeria will be denied. Thus, the country of residence is not the determining factor for entrance to Nigeria, but rather the traveller’s country of citizenship. A valid Nigerian work permit will not exempt any passenger from this rule. Nigerian citizens who transit through one of these three countries will however be allowed back into Nigeria, but will be required to present a negative COVID-19 test and quarantine for 14-days. These restrictions are announced to be temporary.

Namibia has amended their application fee from being payable with the submission of the documentation, to now only being due with the processing of approved cases. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, home affairs will only be allowing 3 new applicants per day.

South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs is allowing Angolan nationals and their families to apply for Angolan Exemption Permits. Requirements to qualify for an Angolan Exemption Permit:
a. Angolans who were issued with the Angolan Cessation Permit (ACP) but did not apply for the Angolan Special permit (ASP).
b. Angolans who were issued with the Angolan Special permit (ASP).
c. All Angolan refugees or asylum seekers who were issued with Section 24 or Section 22 permits before 31 August 2013, this being the date when the Tripartite Commission Agreement was signed marking the end of the Civil War in Angola.

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