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As a company, we strive to provide an environment where every employee can be themselves and feel comfortable doing their best work—an environment that makes you proud of what you do. IBN is a small company, and every employee helps contribute to the overall vision, mission, and goals of the organization. This can be as simple as ensuring that all employees are aware of corporate values and policies or more complex tasks such as project management. IBN employees are encouraged to share their ideas with others in their department or across departments so that we can incorporate them into our overall strategy for growth. At IBN, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to take ownership over projects you’re passionate about—and even lead them yourself if you’re up for it!

We encourage all team members to develop new skills by taking on leadership roles within the office.

Advantages to working at IBN Immigration Solutions

  • – Interact closely with Management
  • – Constant learning and upskilling to improve your knowledge of immigration
  • – We fuel your curiosity – no day is the same, and opportunities are always presented for you to learn
  • – Working on the cutting-edge of immigration technology and case management
  • – Our industry is international; you will interact with cultures from around the world
  • – Work on major corporate accounts, creating exciting solutions and interesting projects
  • – Dynamic team and multiple offices across Africa, offering you a wide exposure to the continent

Employer Stories

“So I started working at IBN in April 2013 as an immigration assistant.

I grew within the company and became a consultant about 18 months later when Teri went on maternity leave. I doubted myself of course, it was tough and challenging and I knew I can only get better with time.

What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work here? I don’t know at which point I realised that I made the right decision, but I know I have. There are so many things that factor into this decision. Of course I resigned in 2016 and then returned again one month later. In that one month I realised and learned a lot, I worked abroad for one month – and experienced so much. I felt like I really grew as a person and got to know myself a bit better in this short time.

1. Job satisfaction is just about the most important thing to have. If you don’t have job satisfaction, the day will never end – time will tick and you will feel as though you are not fulfilling any purpose.

2. Great support from boss and colleagues – when I left and returned, I was really amazed and touched that Andreas agreed to take me back and I know he did not have too or owed me anything. That’s also a big decision when I knew I was always happy at IBN. I discuss a lot of matters with my family and also have lots of support from my family and they too told me, oh that is a real big deal that Andreas would take me back as not many bosses would do that.

3. Amongst other things, The IBN team is a very closely knit, so I love the support to each other. I like the walks with Andreas, we all have a different relationship with him and at the end of the day no job is perfect, but having done the move I know the grass is not always greener on the other side and I appreciate and value what we have at IBN.

4. I also like the fact that we are given the ability to learn and grow in the areas we are strong in and not just forced to take up certain roles we don’t feel. We are not micro managed and the level of trust at IBN is very good.”

Saudikah Adams – Previous IBN Immigration Solutions Employee

Available Positions

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Immigration Consultant – Cape Town
Cape Town Office
Posted 3 months ago
IBN is looking for an Immigration Consultant to join their agile and dynamic team in Cape Town, South Africa.
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