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Immigration Reviews

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At IBN Immigration Solutions, We pride ourselves on the quality of our Service Delivery. We constantly run surveys on customer satisfaction which directly contribute to our NPS Scores. Our expert immigration consultants and agents work with the client in mind and are trained to go the extra mile. Transparency and ethical immigration services are our highest priority when it comes to our client’s satisfaction. We contribute to the growth of Africa and its individuals by empowering people to move in this global world. We aim to enable international talent to work and live in Africa while also helping local African talent gain invaluable international experience. We pride ourselves in providing the best immigration services and visa consultation to our clients.

Google Reviews

Mark TorringtonMark Torrington
10:53 22 Nov 23
Applying for a work and resident permit in Botswana and Namibia was a new experience for me and my company. IBN ably assisted us every step of the way, guiding us through the process in a careful and professional manner. I would like to thank Gareth Vos for his meticulous attention to detail to eventually get us to a successful conclusion.
Nola Dental ClinicNola Dental Clinic
17:26 19 Nov 23
Would definitely recommend. Jael M. was kind, prompt, professional, and thorough. She followed the process to the end and was available for anything that may have arisien. Thankfully, it was a smooth process and not required.
agata pajoragata pajor
13:26 14 Nov 23
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional assistance provided by IBN throughout my visa processes. The expertise and professionalism demonstrated by the IBN team have been nothing short of outstanding.The staff at IBN are truly on top of their game. Their competence, attention to detail, and proactive approach made the entire visa application and renewal processes seamless and efficient.I wholeheartedly recommend IBN for their comprehensive and reliable services. Their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction sets them apart, and I am immensely grateful for their support.Once again, thank you, IBN; especially Gareth Vos for your invaluable assistance. I have nothing but great things to say about IBN team and the remarkable work you do.Best regards,Agata Pajor
Marc KlingbielMarc Klingbiel
08:41 14 Nov 23
I am having always the best Experience with IBN, well organized!Very good Job, from Jodie and Malunga.I just can recommend 100%
08:11 14 Nov 23
Hi Jodie,Thank you for understanding.You're an absolute gem and have helped me a lot through this journey and believe me it's a difficult one, especially sending my "baby" across the world without me by his side.I don't think you realize what a help you've been, not only for passing on information, that's easily available on the internet. But somehow you knew when to prompt me, as if to say... "listen you better get your act together and plan this thing"🙂 I knew that you were always there if I get stuck and I somehow felt secure knowing you have our backs.You've provided this service without compensation and I truly appreciate it. You're an asset to your company and I hope they know it.
Ran SRan S
11:56 10 Nov 23
Great Service from Gareth Vos. I got my PR and I am happy :)
13:37 03 Nov 23
My hand was held all the way from start to finish. Love these people❤️
Thilo ScholppThilo Scholpp
09:53 03 Nov 23
nice and competent, the process takes time but with the help of IBN everything works ...
David MilesDavid Miles
06:35 03 Nov 23
Gareth and Charmaine from IBN have been exceptional in their detail and care taken in getting a study visa for my girlfriend. Very happy with their service.
12:16 31 Oct 23
Jodie and IBN have been simply amazing. Right from the beginning IBN evaluated my situation and continued to navigate me through the temporary visa process step by step. No matter how busy Jodie is, she will get back to you the same day and even after working hours. The last month I personally have communicated with several immigration consulting companies to see which one actually provides a true service to its customers and hands down IBN (Jodie) is "far ahead"of the pack. Contact IBN!!! Don't waste your time going anywhere else...
theo regniertheo regnier
02:53 27 Oct 23
Good and professional interaction with IBN team.The requirements are made clear, updated regularly throughout the process and responsive to any questions we have.Process is lengthy but nothing to do with IBN work, and hopefully the clarity in the documents provided will help to obtain visa with reject or complementary information required (Visa approval in progress)
13:52 24 Oct 23
Very friendly, very professional service. I only reached out for a free consultation abouy my visa situation and their team was happy to answer questions and followups with several emails. I would certainly consider working with them if needed in the future.
Terry HardwickTerry Hardwick
07:51 20 Oct 23
IBN Cape Town - Always there to assist and offer sound advice. A pleasure to deal with the team assigned to my case.
Daniel GutseelDaniel Gutseel
20:09 10 Oct 23
We applied for a study visa for our children at the South African embassy in Berlin and received help and support from IBN. Without IBN's professional support, we would probably not have received the study visa for our children. The contact and support were very professional and friendly. We can only recommend IBN’s service to everyone, thank you very much!
Shabnam AggarwalShabnam Aggarwal
21:21 07 Oct 23
My family's experience with IBN has not been great. While we were deciding which firm to go with, we had some really helpful conversations with Kristen and decided to proceed with IBN. But as soon as we were handed over to Jael, things started to fall apart. To start, we felt misled / pushed into a more complex and expensive visa, the FIP, rather than being explained clearly the different options on the table, including shorter term / temporary visa options that would be cheaper as well as shorter timelines for turnaround. Only after we had signed the IBN contracts and decided to proceed with FIP did our consultant mention in passing that we could apply for Retired visas and get a faster response, which we had to then push on and take forward ourselves. We had to almost beg the IBN team to be reasonable in fees charged when it comes to a short term visa as opposed to a permanent one (they charge basically the same amount for both, even though the value to families is very different.) From that point on, working with IBN felt like pulling teeth. Jael made many mistakes along the way that if we had not identified, our applications would have been incomplete. She made mistakes on the top sheets that dictated directions for us to follow on the pieces of the application, as well as fundamental errors in the application forms themselves. In the end, it felt like we could have done a better job applying on our own, rather than having to double check all of IBN's work. I also cross checked IBN fees against other lawyers and immigration consultants, and they were by far the most expensive, which is frustrating given how poor the service was. I would not recommend IBN to others.
james jeanjames jean
19:06 28 Sep 23
Great experience so far! So happy to have found this agency. Immigration issues can be quite complex. Having knowledgeable experts can help simplify the process of applying for long term Visa to SA.
Vijay Singh JaswalVijay Singh Jaswal
05:43 22 Sep 23
I have been working with Kristin Rasool for the business solutions for work Visas for south Africa.She is the most helpful consultant that you can meet.Very knowledgeable and prompt.Highly recommend her.Cheers,
14:18 21 Sep 23
Excellent and professional! great was clarity in all communications and head start for next steps. Gareth and his Team are absolutely well versed in the task they perform. Thank you all so very much for the timely communications and your eyes for details.
Norbert JombaNorbert Jomba
15:26 18 Sep 23
Thank you so much Jodie for your excellent assistance i really appreciate 🙏
Nicholas ChanNicholas Chan
10:58 15 Sep 23
It was a good service from Jodie, do support her
Peter NgirwaPeter Ngirwa
13:24 12 Sep 23
Good day,Please allow me to take this moment and appreciate excellent service I received from Jenny and Jodie.The professional competence of frontline employees is one of the most essential characteristics of quality customer service and common courtesy is the foundation of high-quality customer service, Jenny and Jodie are blessed with both qualities.The level of courtesy demonstrated by Both staff members, politeness, friendly and also following proper service etiquette when we interacted minutes ago, deserve a round of applause. Of course, I was behind the phone call, however I could see their smile, their willingness to exceed expectations, just by picking up the phone, you could tell there are happy to be there.Good customer service is slowly becoming a foreign thing in South Africa, I am overwhelmed that we still have people who are passionate and professional like Jodie and Jenny.I am convinced your company recruitment policy / procedure is spot on. You are just not there to collect a salary and go home, you are asset to your organization. Keep up the good work and thank you for your kind assistance. I made the right the call.I will call in again. Well done!Peter Ngirwa
Peter GoodstadtPeter Goodstadt
07:29 12 Sep 23
Excellent and fast communication , fixed my issue quickly .
Mareca SitholeMareca Sithole
13:59 11 Sep 23
I am extremely grateful for the support I got from IBN Immigration Solutions during my successful Critical Skills Visa application process.Bianca Nicholls went above and beyond to make sure we had a solid case for a positive outcome. Throughout the process I had I sense my case was given the utmost priority. I highly recommend them.
Maegan RyanMaegan Ryan
09:15 05 Sep 23
Jodie at IBN was extremely helpful and kind . I enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend to anyone !
Olivia SeayOlivia Seay
06:39 04 Sep 23
Kristen was very helpful in helping me to navigate some time-sensitive choices pertaining to visa status. Very appreciative for a prompt and human response.
Garden With Me DKUJGarden With Me DKUJ
10:41 31 Aug 23
Our family’s experience with IBN was great. There was so much I didn’t know about the visa process but our attorneys helped us every step of the way. They were timely and extremely helpful! Hiring them was the best decision we made in regards to applying for and acquiring our visas!
Kimberly BruneKimberly Brune
16:48 30 Aug 23
Kristen was professional, knowledgeable, and personable. She helped us figure out the right pathway to take. She was willing to take the time to hear our concerns and our complications which was a huge relief because the process feels so daunting. I'd give her another star if possible.
Lucinda MartinLucinda Martin
15:41 29 Aug 23
Their expertise and dedication made our immigration journey smooth. From the very beginning, Gareth guided us with accurate information and a step-by-step plan. He went above and beyond to ensure all our questions were answered and concerns addressed. Great service!
oliver Wolksoliver Wolks
13:42 23 Aug 23
We entrusted IBN to guide and assist us for application of our retirement visa. Considering the entire relocation process, this was one of the best decision we made. IBN handled the whole application process with diligence, care and the level of professionalism was second to none. It is worthwhile to mention, that IBN had to make themselves familiar with a unique type of retirement scheme which required uncounted conversations and inquiries. Kristin and especially Jael had to go various extra miles. There was no effort too much for them until the application documents were complete and ready to submit. A huge call out and thank you to all involved.
Mr GMr G
22:06 22 Aug 23
Milou Tijsse KlasenMilou Tijsse Klasen
09:04 22 Aug 23
Got in contact with Kirsten for a free assessment. Asked a lot of questions since I find it hard to get the right and clear information on the internet. Kirsten responded very quick at my emails and gave clear answers. I would definitely recommend IBM Immigration Solutions!
Nicholas blazicNicholas blazic
07:34 17 Aug 23
5 star service, thank you so much for all of your help and making my dreams become reality. Thank you so much Jodie
Jalaun BeukesJalaun Beukes
15:26 15 Aug 23
Outstanding service delivery from Jodie Johnson. Fairly priced service with Jodie providing updates as needed.
08:23 11 Aug 23
they went out of their way to assist with all of my questions and requests and was also available on whatsapp, making it even easier to communicate.
Roman YalinRoman Yalin
15:04 31 Jul 23
Great service!I had a lot of tricky questions regarding my immigration status. I wrote a long email to IBN. Kristin Rasool got back to me very quickly and helped me clarify my situation. And it was for free!Great customer experice. Thank you very much!
14:03 24 Jul 23
Andreas from IBN is immensely knowledgeable, effective, and most importantly practical in all manners related to South African immigration. Gareth as well is an outstanding immigration consultant who worked with us thoughtfully and respectfully through a complicated visa renewal / travel / passport situation.I highly recommend IBN's services to anyone navigating the complexities of South African immigration.
rebecca rattnerrebecca rattner
11:08 24 Jul 23
I've used IBN several times now with help for visas for my family and have always had fantastic experiences. Most recently, Rebeka and Gareth helped with a visa for my daughter. They were really excellent - always quick to reply and especially helpful dealing with various moving pieces and changes. Highly recommend them!
15:23 18 Jul 23
Gareth and the entire team at IBN have been a pleasure to work with over the past year. They are experts in their field and professional in their execution. Very attentive to customer needs. Highly recommended.
Helena RaddockHelena Raddock
15:43 13 Jul 23
Malunga & Andreas were extremely helpful and supportive throughout my appeal process. I'm so grateful for their assistance and kindness throughout this process. I worked with Malunga and was so happy with the quick responses and great communication. I highly recommend IBN Immigration Solutions.
19:55 12 Jun 23
I recently had the pleasure to know the managing owner of IBN Immigration Solutions, Mr. Andreas and I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I am with their professionalism, expertise, and unwavering commitment to their clients.Especially with many local changes in the law, as a client, if for instance you are virtually overwhelmed by many procedures, from my point of view you will look for quality, solutions, and kind people to genuinely understand you.Therefore, here, in Western Cape, if you're looking for a top-notch immigration solutions company, especially for expats, from my experience, I will choose IBN.From the moment I reached out to IBN, I was greeted with warmth and a genuine desire to assist. Their team of experts was incredibly knowledgeable about the immigration process, and they took the time to understand my unique circumstances and requirements.One of the standout qualities of the IBN team is their attention to detail. Moreover, the communication with IBN was exceptional. I believe in their expertise in navigating complex immigration laws and regulations and I truly felt that they had my best interests at heart.In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend IBN to anyone in need of immigration assistance. All the best to the entire team. Chris
Julia KramerJulia Kramer
13:06 28 May 23
Gareth and his team at IBN are incredibly professional. His eye for detail and friendly communication style are very much appreciated and give me the peace of mind that my applications are in good hands. Thank you very much!
20:55 20 Apr 23
Gareth and the team at IBN have been monumental in their efforts for my visa application. They have been very professional throughout the whole process. They work above and beyond and put in many hours (even late into the night) to assist me. I appreciate all their efforts and would highly recommend.
Benjamin DarlingtonBenjamin Darlington
10:23 14 Apr 23
Kristin was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and has a truly unique understanding of all the ins and outs of South African immigration processes. We would highly recommend dealing with her. Additionally she is incredibly honest and friendly, which will make a process as arduous as this one… a lot more manageable.
Elle VantommeElle Vantomme
10:08 14 Apr 23
I would like to express my appreciation for the exceptional assistance provided by the team. They were eager to help and consistently provided me with informative updates during every interaction. I particularly appreciated their follow-up email, which detailed the recent changes to Home Affairs following our phone conversation.
Régine ThysRégine Thys
14:30 03 Apr 23
I would like to thank IBN Immigration Solutions for having helped me settle my resident status in South Africa. Not only were they quick to give me an appointment but their councellings were accurate and of great help. They accompanied me in all the admin procedures in a very professionnal manner. As I was advised my situation was settled after 11 months.I would recommend IBN Immigration Solutions to anyone seeking help in settling in South Africa.
Seyhun DedeSeyhun Dede
07:01 16 Mar 23
The meeting with Kristin Rasool of IBN Immigration Solutions went very well. We have received lots of useful information and we got answers to all of our questions. We are looking forward to work with them during our visa and immigration process.
Mari Lizette MalherbeMari Lizette Malherbe
19:00 28 Feb 23
IBN helped us to get an unabridged marriage certificate and apostille for our move to Germany. Their service was excellent. They made the whole process hassle free, kept us up to date, we’re super responsive and most importantly, delivered the certificates ahead of time. Can definitely recommend.
11:22 08 Feb 23
Andreas was extremely helpful and honest about our situation. We are not quite ready to retire and he explained the steps we should take to prepare to move forward. He was was not trying to take our money. He was honest and came across as straight forward professional. He told us when we have a few more things in place this is what to expect. We really appreciated his honesty,
Frederik GrohFrederik Groh
20:30 13 Dec 22
IBN was recommended to us and from the first contact to the final correspondence it was a 5 star experience: regardless with whom we dealt, it was professional with a very personal touch.Through the whole process we felt looked after and every question we had was answered to full satisfaction.For us it was a very smooth ride as all requests were very clear and even when challenges came up, we were confident that the whole team gave their best to get them resolved. There was very transparent communication.We already recommended IBN twice for friends of ours.Great job - great team👍
Excellent service that helped us manage the jungle of regulations and paperwork with ease. Very highly recommend the service for anyone that needs to leave the beaten path of simple tourist visa issues.The team is super helpful and friendly and gets the job done..
Stella LukStella Luk
13:30 23 Oct 22
Kristin Rasool is such a pleasure and a guide. She is very knowledgeable about visa issues but on top of that so empathetic and understanding and resourceful, able to explain things in ways that the everyday person can understand in terms of options, pros and cons. Highly recommend.
Sarah Talon SampieriSarah Talon Sampieri
16:51 29 Sep 22
Kristin Rasool helped me with my queries. Very professional, helpful, and kind! Excellent experience with IBM Immigration Solutions
Alexis ValoryAlexis Valory
17:14 14 Sep 22
Thanks to Rebeka, Saudikah and Andreas for their help. I have been using IBN's services for years now and I'm not disappointed. A.V
Nina BuckleyNina Buckley
00:57 26 Jul 22
I’ve been working with Kristin Rasool at IBN for about six months now. I was born in South Africa but my parents immigrated to the USA and I’m trying to re-establish residency. I started talking to Kristin several months before heading to Cape Town SA where we met for lunch. I really cannot say enough about the professionalism and promptness of Kristen and this company! I don’t know how on earth I would be able to navigate this process without them. Kristin, I’d like to personally thank you for your enduring patience with me! You are fantastic and thank you IBN!
Peter SchauppPeter Schaupp
09:02 22 Jun 22
Excellent serivce and expertise. IBN assisted us with registration of a company in South Africa as subsidiary of a German mother company. They were most professional and knew everything about current legislation in South Africa with regards to company registration, labour law, immigration and visa issue for staff and team members from Germany as well as consulting on how best to get South African staff working and training in Germany. Besides this they also gave invaluable advise on political, social and economic situations in South Africa. I would highly recommend to get in touch with them. They saved us headaches, money and time!
Simina PopSimina Pop
12:37 26 Apr 22
Kristin Rasool and the team of IBN have helped me tremendously with my questions around the visa process. They have shown a lot of patience and proof of good knowledge around the visa regulations, also with the new changes that occured on that. I can fully recommend their services, always fast reply and very professional and helpful. Many many thanks!
Hartwig EulerHartwig Euler
16:25 10 Apr 22
We have had only positive experiences with IBN Immigrations Solutions Cape Town office.We had questions concerning our long-term visas for South Africa (we're from Germany).We experienced:A very clear communication personally and via e-Mails,very clear instructions what to do and when,and very friendly and client-orientated consultations.If there should be a "next time" within the context: we would clearly return.Hartwig & Berna
kevin cheriankevin cherian
09:13 17 Nov 23
Professional and competent Service Delivery.I was assisted in my critcal skills visa application by a consultant by the name of Theodore Leso. She was always prompt in my requests for information and clarification and made the quite complicated process of collating the visa pack easy.Would definitely recommend.
Clara MayoClara Mayo
06:23 08 Nov 23
Mitchell OndewaterMitchell Ondewater
11:28 06 Nov 23
Alexandra WesthoffAlexandra Westhoff
15:46 05 Nov 23
I was struggling with my Visa application by myself for a long time and was so lucky to have found IBN on youtube through their video's. I couldn't be happier about how extremely helpful and kind and present and communicative they were. They have opened my eyes about things that could be a problem in my application and had a solution right away which I would have never figured out by myself. If you work with them you realise how important it is for them that your application is a success!That is why I am so grateful for their help! Thank you so much!
Ebrahim SeedatEbrahim Seedat
09:55 25 Oct 23
I wish I found this company earlier when applying for my wife's spousal visa. I stumbled upon them through their informative YouTube videos regularly published with updates.They are exceptionally professional, knowledgeable and ethical. In a climate of corruption and indifference from the government, it's a breath of fresh air to find a company like this dedicated to assisting struggling South Africans.Their expertise not only alleviated my stress but also provided much-needed clarity for my situation. I highly recommend their services for anyone navigating the visa process.
Amanda van VuurenAmanda van Vuuren
14:31 23 Oct 23
Outstanding service! Could not have done this without the professional help and guidance from IBN Solutions. It's a hard process to navigate, with many ups and down's - IBN are knowledgeable, quick to respond and will take you through the entire process, step by step and holding your hand. Feeling super grateful and pleased. Thank you so much to Hannah who has been superb and kind all the way through.
Ben GelblumBen Gelblum
12:18 18 Oct 23
Always our first choice at Vanessa Ganguin Immigration Law for referring UK clients with moves to South Africa. Reliable and friendly immigration service. Couldn't recommend enough.
Amin SaeidiAmin Saeidi
20:42 03 Aug 23
I had a bad experience with this company that I want to share. I had my visa rejected and urgently asked them for help. DHA had problems certifying my SAQA, so I sent my SAQA to one of the "experts" called Andreas. Apparently, I sent him the electronic version of SAQA whose format is different to the original and probably that was the reason DHA rejected my visa. Anyway, instead of explaining to me that this is not a right version, and helping me provide the proper version, he accused me of fabricating the document "We can't do an appeal with fraudulent documents, he wrote to me" and never answered my emails again. Anyway I did my appeal with the assistance of another company. I hope this review help them learn not to judge people and not to insult them by questioning their integrity, especially when they ask for help.
Reenu VermaReenu Verma
06:43 29 Jul 23
Walter ChikwanhaWalter Chikwanha
11:40 07 Jul 23
I'm impressed!! Super efficient, super informative, rapid response like I never thought possible where mediocrity in service provision is generally the norm. Hannah followed up with more precise information that helped me to make up my mind definitively. This is unlike the other companies who either provided scant information or did not bother to respond/follow up. I unequivocally recommend this highly professional organisation!
Laina KamanyaLaina Kamanya
10:16 07 Jul 23
IBN , best service ever.Keep it up on that!
Joy MilitalaJoy Militala
16:13 05 Jul 23
I got a free assessment the first time I contacted them which is already fantastic! The call itself was very informative and I got to ask all my top questions. I received such helpful answers that will no doubt inform my future decision making. IBN also has a wonderful You Tube channel that I am subscribed to because it always has the latest news on immigration. Thank you for the help IBN!
Tatenda MakunikeTatenda Makunike
13:43 05 Jul 23
Really had a great experience navigating the challenges of securing a critical skills VISA. Thanks to Lindiwe and Hannah and the rest of the team I managed to attain my desired outcome
Phillip KaniaPhillip Kania
11:49 23 Jun 23
The first consultation was for free. Hannah was really friendly, helpful and really took the time for me. Hannah helped me with my case within one week.It seems she has excellent knowledge for all visa categories and also tips for the place where to launch the application (embassies, overseas missions).Thank you especially to Hannah and the rest of the team for your help and assistance in every way.I can recommend IBN Immigration Solutions to anybody who needs help and assistance with their Visa application.
Richard RaberRichard Raber
17:01 01 Jun 23
I recently reached out to IBN Immigration Solutions for a free consultation. Within hours, I received a phone call from Hannah. She was very helpful, knowledgeable, and made what can otherwise be a mystifying process, very clear. Thank you!
Hannelie Van sittertHannelie Van sittert
19:38 19 May 23
Excellent service. Thank you to Hannah Mminele who dealt with our case so professional. Hannah helped us in 2 weeks time. Everything was on time in place. Thank you for integrity and assistance in every way. I can recommend IBN Immigration Solutions to any body who needs help with Visas, especially for studies and immigration.Thank you !
Lloyd CornewLloyd Cornew
08:09 08 May 23
Lindiwe has executed the tedious process of applying for work Permits for Us with brilliant efficiency. I highly recommend IBN for this laborious task.
Arjan KnoppertArjan Knoppert
14:42 30 Mar 23
Their first consultation was free, our advisor was very friendly and helpful. Hannah really took the time for us! They seem to have an extended knowledge concerning all visa issues. I would recommend them!
Klaus-Peter GöbelKlaus-Peter Göbel
17:36 22 Mar 23
IBN Immigration Solutions gave us a great service. Their staff are professional, quick to assist, friendly and provided excellent service every step of the way. I highly recommend them!
Chandon TolerantChandon Tolerant
05:47 25 Nov 22
I was looked after extremely professionally by IBN IMMIGRATION. All of my questions were answered very quickly and competently. The member of staff (Kristin Rasool) was very helpful and got in touch with me straight away giving me priority due to the urgency, even outside of business hours. So five stars from me!
06:35 11 Nov 22
Only two days after I reached out I was on an hour-long consultation call, free of charge, that clearly laid out all of my options. Kristin was able to explain legally complicated aspects and think along on the personal level as well, and was generally a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend using IBN immigration solutions.
Helen TonettiHelen Tonetti
06:35 03 Nov 22
I received excellent and immediate service with regards to my application for an employee immigration to the UK. I highly recommend IBN and will certainly be using their services again.
Yoaris RodríguezYoaris Rodríguez
09:55 30 Sep 22
Highly satisfied with my experience at IBN. They have provide me explicit information on the matter addressed. I found not only absolute best service but also empathic and warm-hearted professionals. Very important these days.That makes a difference.Thank you Andreas and Gareth for your help!
jordan bowmanjordan bowman
08:44 23 Sep 22
I am currently in the looong process of applying for a long term visa for South Africa. I contacted Andreas multiple times with a few questions pertaining to the changing regulations and policies. Each time I emailed Andreas promptly replied with helpful information. I have to mention that I am not even a client, nor have I ever paid, Andreas just willingly provided me with information. Thank you
Sharmane BukesSharmane Bukes
16:40 19 Sep 22
IBN immigration service was really professional. From the first phone call up to the final step with our PR in Namibia. Thank you for treating the whole process with integrity. We will definitely recommend their services.
Nicci RadleyNicci Radley
14:16 13 Jul 22
From the first email, our consultant Hannah Mminele, has been with us every step of the way, from organising our documents and keeping us up to date with the embassy and covid regulations and answering the thousands of questions I had. She’s been so patient with me and I am so grateful for it.
The only unfortunate part of IBN is that they are one of the very few service companies in SA that gets it all right. Great communication. Knowledgable. Trustworthy. Overall great service. Using their service for a second time now. Would definitely recommend 👌🏼
Rodney NormanRodney Norman
11:13 09 Nov 23
Nathan BirhanuNathan Birhanu
19:50 10 Oct 23
Gareth and his team at IBN have been phenomenal! The amount of headaches, time, energy, and money they saved us are invaluable. I would highly recommend them.
Roland GrafRoland Graf
18:58 28 Sep 23
I experienced great service at IBN. Very friendly reception and immediate attention to my request. Rochai was keeping updated during the process. Absolutely professional. I can only recommend IBN for the service they offer! Thank you. Roland
Leonie BeiggerLeonie Beigger
18:31 27 Sep 23
I was very satisfied with the services. Ms. Schneider has made a great effort and was very friendly and helpful. There were a few problems with my application from Home Affairs because documents were missing. Ms. Schneider supported me as much as possible and answered my questions very quickly. Highly recommended.
Mary-Lee du PlessisMary-Lee du Plessis
18:12 20 Sep 23
Gareth Vos has been truly helpful and extremely professional and thorough from day one. I loved working with him.The team kept me informed of the status of our application on a weekly basis, and was always ready and willing to answer my questions.Thanks again for all your help, advice and assistance. Would highly recommend using them for any visa needs. Thank you.
Sharon GreylingSharon Greyling
13:41 14 Sep 23
The service provided from IBN Immigration Solutions from start to finish was excellent. The level of professionalism and friendliness cannot be faulted. Thank you Rochai and team, what was a stressful situation (time was of essence) for us was handled so well by you. We were kept informed of all progress. We definitely can recommend this team. Keep up the excellent work. Once again from us at Devoltage Training Center, thank you.
Juane DamesJuane Dames
05:09 22 Aug 23
Thank you so much IBN Immigration Solutions! You have helped me through a very stressful time and it was all worth it. I appreciate Rochai Schneider from the bottom of my heart. She helped me with all my concerns and set backs in the process and made it possible for me to enjoy their country and explore the beautiful destinations Namibia has to offer! I hope to do buisness with you again!
Iribagiza QueenIribagiza Queen
19:58 28 Jul 23
I had an exceptional visa application experience! I was assisted by a professional staff member (Rochai Schneider) who meticulously reviewed my application to ensure all the documents were in order. Their attention to detail and commitment to maintaining a high standard were commendable.Thank you to the entire team for their dedication and hard work in making my visa application journey smooth and successful. I have no doubt that their exceptional service will continue to assist countless applicants in fulfilling their travel dreams.
11:43 20 Jul 23
Mrs Rochai Schneider was a big help for me! She was very friendly and tried to answer all my questions as soon as possible. I can recommend IBN and would work with them again.
Julius ShivuteJulius Shivute
11:11 20 Jul 23
Tertu HaixwaTertu Haixwa
09:42 19 Jul 23
Carolien MattheeCarolien Matthee
09:15 18 Jul 23
Great service. Efficient and Gloria kept me up to date with the progress made. It was a pleasure working with them.
Your Services are very effective and too prompt then even expected to regards of my visa extension I just had to submit all required documents and continued with my tour and relaxation within Namibia 🇳🇦 Thanks so much Ms.Rochai u will always be recommended
Preetha GoosenPreetha Goosen
15:07 06 Jul 23
Ms Gloria Shithigona, thank you for reply. For the first time I actually understood the technical aspects of Immigration in Namibia. Well done Gloria, you kept it simple and too the point, for people like myself who don't have the technical skill, much appreciated. Will highly recommend there services.
Rubén PortasRubén Portas
13:36 07 Jun 23
Gloria assisted us with our visa application. She's very kind and useful
Fiona AguiarFiona Aguiar
09:47 03 Jun 23
IBN Immigration Solutions, They have a very friendly service. They I have no complains about the company, they work well and their pricing is also very accessible.
Kayla JohnsonKayla Johnson
06:44 03 May 23
Thank you Gloria for your help, you informed us about every step and kept us in the loop, will share your information with everyone that needs this service. Well done you are a 5 star employee
Azariah EngelbrechtAzariah Engelbrecht
10:43 02 May 23
What a horrible experience I had with this company. I saw all the lovely reviews about them after the consultant, Uaaruka, let me know about the digital nomad visa so it made me confident to go with them.The first few weeks after getting all my documentation ready and sent through to them. It doesnt seem like they even looked through my documents to ensure I would be eligible for this visa.They sent all my documents to home affairs and home affairs came back saying they dont believe I would have sufficient funds to sistain myself.This company failed to let me know the minor detail that I needed $2000 x 6 of my income in my bank account whereas the visa didnt mention this when reading about this.I will never use them again and wouldn’t recommend them to anyone at all.
Martin SuhrMartin Suhr
15:59 08 Mar 23
IBN Namibia staff guided me very professionally, level headed and safe through a successful PRP process. Cudos to the entire team 🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Jessica ClaaseJessica Claase
05:59 04 Mar 23
The customer service at this company is excellent. They were accommodating and responsive to my questions.
Theresa RhodeTheresa Rhode
18:54 10 Feb 23
Thank you for doing an awesome Job! The team acted very professional and kept me updated throughout the whole process. I can just recommend IBN Immigration Solutions!
Janie BothmaJanie Bothma
06:27 23 Jan 23
Excellent service as always! Very Happy with the service I received from Gloria and Uaaruka from IBN. Will most definitely make use of their services again.
Patrik KlintenbergPatrik Klintenberg
05:50 23 Jan 23
Professional, efficient and timely services! Excellent interaction with the staff at IBN, who always provide answers to any question you may have. Keep it up!
Hannah MunzelHannah Munzel
10:59 06 Jan 23
Very friendly, helpful and reliable service. Everything worked out, got my visa in time :)
Selekere JulietSelekere Juliet
08:45 13 Oct 22
I can warmly recommend IBN Immigration Solutions. Mrs Uaaruka Kandjii has dealt with my application in a very professional, reliable, swift and friendly manner. She was always there for my questions and proofed profound experience in her answers. For sure I will recommend her to friends as well. Thank You Uaaruka !!!
16:25 27 Sep 22
Gloria has quickly answered our questions and explained transparently the regulations and related documentation involved. Great customer support.
Dennis ZekveldDennis Zekveld
15:14 25 Aug 22
Uaaruka and Gloria did a superb job and I would highly recommend IBN Immigration Solutions. Overall very efficient and IBN kept me well informed throughout the process. I will certainly use them again, any time. Many thanks to Gloria and Uaaruka for your great efforts. Again much appreciated indeed!
Donna MuellerDonna Mueller
14:06 11 May 22
We were very pleased with our consultation with Gloria. She listened to our needs and honestly shared her experience and helped us explore the different options available to us. We so appreciate her honesty.We would highly recommend her and consult with her again!

Letters from Clients

I would like to thank IBN Immigration Solutions for having helped me settle my resident status in South Africa. Not only were they quick to give me an appointment but their councellings were accurate and of great help. They accompanied me in all the admin procedures in a very professionnal manner. As I was advised my situation was settled after 11 months. I would recommend IBN Immigration Solutions to anyone seeking help in settling in South Africa.
Régine Thys
Hi Andreas Krensel, Gareth Vos, Gloria Waiganjo, Rochai Schneider and Uaaruka Kandjii, 13 months ago our journey and cooperation started. I still remember well the first conversation with Andreas as through a side remark from him, my initial idea of a work wise was moved to give a retirement visa a try. Right from the the start I really enjoyed the professional service provided but flavoured with a personal touch - we always felt that we are not a pure customer number but that everyone showed a personal interest (@Rochai: my wife just this evening talked about how impressed she was when you gave us a farewell hug as if we were long known friends or family🤗 //@Gareth: I will miss seeing your regular update mails 😂 // @Gloria: thanks for your patience and support when we met in March and went to endless piles of paper 😁// @Uaaruka: thanks for the helping us out with the supporting documents and certified copies👍 A biiiiig thank for all your hard work throughout the last months and especially in the last few weeks. Please keep up this great work ethic and spirit and enjoy hopefully a well deserved break.
Frederik and Uli
Hi Saudikah. Hope all is well, just to let you know that I received my RETIREMENT PERMIT from the EDB in Port Louis, Mauritius earlier today. Sincere thanks to you and all your team in Cape Town and Mauritius for all your incredible professionalism and work efficiency in enabling me and my wife Claudia to achieve our intended goal to immigrate to Mauritius soon. I thank you once again, Merci. Best regards,
Adv. Marco Gianoglio
ASK IBN! DON’T HESITATE! DO IT NOW! It’s wonderful for an advertiser to be able to fully support an advertising message. It makes it easy to praise a product or a company. IBN has often assisted us during our time in Cape Town. For a digital agency that was established in Munich and continues to count renowned companies in Germany among its clients there are a lot of potential pitfalls in the areas of labour law and international agreements. Fortunately we only heard about these through hearsay, since IBN and Andreas Krensel have taken care of everything – often long before we were even aware of the existence of a potential problem. Fast and efficient. It doesn’t get any better. Not only did he help us as a company (General Terms and Conditions, BBBEE consulting, Lease Agreements), but also several of our employees. For some of our positions we are reliant on specialists from Germany. Thanks to IBN we have been able to offer an exceptional service to our preferred candidates when it came to arranging their legal entry into the country or even a long-term stay. I am sending you our best wishes and many thanks from all of us at GSDH.
I have nothing but great things to say about IBN, their staff and competence. I used them when I moved to South Africa and used them again to get a spousal Visa and work permit. Their are ON TOP of their game. I owe them a lot! If you have any need to travel to SA or open new markets for your products, IBN is all you need.
Zach Powers
Our Organisation has been working with IBN and Sue-Allan Mehl for the past 2 years. We have consistently been satisfied and impressed with the qualitity of work IBN has delivered and the way in which they conduct business. We are happy to recommend IBN and Sue-Allan in particular to other organisations that require immigration service. Our Organisation is an international medical humanitarian organisation which seeks to uphold international quality standards in our life-saving medical work. We expect the same of our service providers. We are happy to count IBN and Sue-Allan among the few service providers who meet with our standards. We would like to bring to your attention ther willingness to always go the extra mile when delivering services. Yours sincerely,
Zoya Naidoo, Head of Admin & Finance
I would like to thank IBN for their outstanding professionalism and hard work. Their service was truly excellent. In particular I would like to thank Inna Podsekina for her patience and kindness during the application service. Getting my permanent residency approved after only 6 months is fantastic! I believe IBN offers the best immigration service in Cape Town, because they really do give you “peace of mind” and the feeling you are in good hands. I will most of certainly recommend IBN to anyone who needs help with immigrating to South Africa. Kindest Regards
Monique Reischmann
I would like to thank you for the incredible support during my Visa-renewal process. During the whole process I felt in good hands, you were always available to reply to my emails and returning calls when you weren’t available immediately. Whenever I had a question, I always received a very good and clear answer regarding the complicated SA immigration law. Before using your Company, I had at least 3 or 4 different agents in the past, with the result of no work done, no customer service, and most of all I ended up sitting for hours at the immigration office by myself to sort the Visa out last minute. Compare to my previous experiences, this last one was smooth and simple. No stress, no worries! I thank you for the exceptional performance and most of all for the professional but still very friendly and human customer service received: something I value and it very rare to find. I will definitely ask you for your service again, to help me with my permanent residency! Best regards,
Antonino Allegra