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Application Forms For Visas and Permits can be found here

This is our visa and permit application forms page.
Here, you’ll have access to the necessary forms for visa and permit applications to various destinations around the world.

Our goal is to make the application process as seamless as possible for you.
That’s why we’ve gathered all of the necessary forms in one convenient location.
Simply select the destination of your choice and download the form to get started.

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South African Visa Application Forms

South African Visa Application Forms

The below forms are required for application for Short- to Long-Term Visas and Residence in South Africa:

Most applications require a Medical Certificate and Radiological Report:

Short-Term Visas:
(Short-term Work Visa; Visitor/Tourist or Business Travel Visa)

Long-Term Visas:
(Long Term Work Visas; Business Visa; Study/Student Visa; Retirement Visa; Family and Partner Visa)

Permanent Residence Permit Application:

Visa Renewals:

Change of (Visa) Condition Form:

Citizenship Application:

  1. DHA-529 Application Form – Determination of Status
  2. DHA-63 Application Form – Naturalisation
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