Mozambique is known as the country of the “boa gente”, the good people.

Things might not always be super organised but at the end of the day “we always make a plan, and somehow things happen and work”!

Those who have ever had the opportunity to visit our beautiful country and interact with the local community will recognise these words. Like the words of the song “Mozambique” by Bob Dylan… ‘’And everybody likes to stop and speak to give the special one you seek a chance, or maybe say hello with just a glance… magic in a magical land… ‘’

Over the last years Mozambique has been going through rough times with two cyclones, flooding and droughts, and just when we thought we were finally getting up again we are confronted with this Corona Virus.

Our current COVID-19 status is 10 confirmed cases in Maputo, with 0 recovered and 0 deaths.  Of the ten cases confirmed, nine of them are individuals that came from other countries, and one is a local transmission. All patients are in self-quarantine at home, and are being followed-up by medical teams.

Among several measures, the law reinforces the 14-day quarantine at home for all people who have recently traveled overseas, for those arriving in Mozambique and for all people who have had direct contact with positive cases of COVID-19. This law also prohibits the holding of public and private events, such as religious cults, cultural or recreational activities, sportive, political, associative or touristic activities and more. Exception will be granted for urgent State or social issues, such as funerals, and in all cases, measures announced by the health authorities must be observed.

The tourism industry was hit extremely hard as they were fully booked for the Easter period but are now without any business, and most of the Gas & Oil projects have been put on hold for at least 6 months.

But like all other countries hit hard, we will raise up to the challenge and “make a plan”….

With everything going on, we are still proud to announce that the IBN-Mozambique office will be operative as from May 2020, and will able to provide you with professional services.

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By Karin Burgman