In this edition, I wish to share a very positive announcement but also some sobering news. Shall we start with the great news first? 

I am proud to announce that we will have officially acquired J Fetting Inc. by the 1st of August, 2022. This acquisition sees two companies with similar values and levels of care for our clientele merging. It is the second acquisition in our history – the first started our Namibia operations.

About J Fetting Inc. 

J Fetting Inc. is one of the market leaders in South Africa’s immigration sector and has provided fully outsourced, innovative corporate and private immigration solutions to their clients for several years. Managing owner, Jonty Fetting, has led his team with over 17 years of corporate immigration experience and I always had the utmost respect for my colleague. The company has also represented many of the world’s largest global immigration law firms, global immigration providers and international relocation providers and has developed an extensive local partner network over time.

The Acquisition 

When Jonty decided to emigrate recently, it felt almost destined that IBN Immigration Solutions should be the company to absorb J Fetting Inc., as our client services, values and overall company differentiators mirror each other closely, as evident above.

 “It was important for me, not just to find a buyer for J Fetting Inc. but also one which I believe shares the same levels of professionalism, service delivery, business values and ethics! I have known the Managing Owner, Andreas Krensel, for many years and have great respect for him and the business he has built. I believe our business values are closely aligned. IBN Immigration Solutions has consistently been one of J Fetting’s largest competitors in the international market and I’m sure Andreas is relieved not to have to be up against me anymore!” – Jonty Fetting

As part of the acquisition process, we will also be taking on two Immigration Consultants from J Fetting Inc. – Gareth Vos and Patrick Sanymaropa. We welcome them both and will aid as much as we can with their transition. If you have any concerns or issues regarding the acquisition, please contact us – we would be happy to set your mind at ease.

Saying Goodbye and Welcoming New Staff

Just six weeks ago at an industry conference in Spain, I listened to so many stories from our good friends in the US and EU who have lost valuable staff members during the past two years and just can’t find a replacement. Many companies have felt the pinch of the Great Resignation recently. At the time, I thought “Hopefully this will not happen to us in South Africa.”

We were not spared.

Within two weeks, two long-serving, senior staff members handed in their resignation. Both are leaving the industry and looking for jobs away from clients and, more importantly, far away from the frustration caused by our Department of Home Affairs. 

It is hard to cope when the outcome of your work is out of your control and face, often justified, unhappy clients who struggle to grasp the sheer incompetence DHA is acting with. We will share a more comprehensive goodbye in one of our articles. It was great to see Saudikah and Chriselle grow and blossom. I wish them all the best with their growth in both their personal and career journeys going forward.

We welcomed two new staff members in the form of Jesse Potgieter and Lauren Alexander-Jacobs. Jesse hails from a corporate background, having worked as a Personal Assistant to executives. The skills she gained in her previous career have already been utilised in her first month as an Immigration Consultant. Lauren is an avid traveller and has explored our continent extensively. This, coupled with her administrative skills will stand her in good stead moving forward as an Immigration Assistant.

The integration of four new staff members and the company acquisition will keep me rather busy in the coming weeks. Until then!

Written by: Andreas Krensel

Editor: Lauren Daniels

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