Morocco Work Visa Overview

An Immigration Guide to Work Visas in Morocco

For long-term employment (1 year or longer) in Morocco, foreigners must obtain a work and residence permit. Depending on the type of employment, the work permit is categorised into three subtypes:


This is for intra-company moves between parent and subsidiary companies (100% shareholding). The maximum duration usually allowed is 3 years. In this case, the application for a work permit is directly lodged with the Ministry.

Local/Direct Employment

This refers to cases where employment is intended to be of a more permanent nature or exceeding 3 years, or where it is an assignment but the transfer is not from parent to subsidiary, although within the same group of companies. In these instances, the first step is to obtain an ANAPEC Certificate (local labour market search confirming no suitable Moroccan), whereafter, the work permit can be applied for.


Some companies are registered with the Casablanca Finance Authority and this means that the work permit applications are submitted at a different office, although ultimately still processed by the Ministry. The benefit for these foreign employees and companies are that processing times are quicker.

Documents Required for Morocco Work Permit

While specific requirements can vary based on nationality and nature of employment, the following are typical documents:

  • Application Form.
  • Passport.
  • Morocco Visa/Entry Stamp, if in Morocco.
  • CV.
  • Reference Letters.
  • Company Registration Documents.

Morocco Work Permit Application Procedure

Here’s a breakdown of the application process in Morocco.

  1. ANAPEC application, if applicable.
  2. Complete the application on the TAECHIR portal.
  3. Collect all the documents, ensuring signatures are legalised where needed.
  4. Submit the hardcopy application to the Ministry (if ANAPEC applicable – only once Certificate issued).
  5. Collect the Work Permit from the Ministry.

Processing Duration

Typically, the Morocco work permit processing spans around one to two weeks. However, if the ANAPEC Certificate is required, an additional period of two to four weeks may be required. Hence, it’s recommended for employers to initiate the work permit application early, enabling employees to swiftly proceed with their Moroccan work permit application.

Once the work permit is issued, the residence permit application must be submitted to the police station exercising jurisdiction over the area in which the employee will reside and the employee’s personal presence is required. Usually a temporary residence receipt valid for up to 3 months is issued, whilst the final residence card is in process.


Morocco offers a structured yet comprehensive visa application process for foreigners aiming to work in the country. While tourists from many nations can enter Morocco without a visa, employment mandates an official work and residence permit.

The responsibility rests both on the individual and their potential employer to ensure that all documentation and requirements are meticulously adhered to.

Given the variance in processing times, it’s imperative to plan ahead and commence applications well in advance.

Written by Simon Carletti, PR and Creative Supervisor

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