A Letter from Our CEO

This week, for the first time since what feels like forever, I had two in-person networking events on one day. To summarise, an experience that felt like a new one: it was fantastic! 

A Letter From Our CEO

This month, Andreas Krensel shares his thoughts on lockdown and acceptance of working remotely as 'the new normal'.

Digital nomads: Africa might just be the perfect playground

With the Covid-19, remote working has become increasingly popular...

From the Desk of the CEO

This month our CEO, Andreas Krensel, goes over updates for the year 2020, including immigration, SA government and team news.

Impact of Lockdown on Corporates in South Africa

Hans Kroll discusses the impact lockdown has had on corporates in South Africa and what companies are doing to survive it.

Our new normal – what will change indefinitely?

Hans Kroll discusses the corporate, lifestyle and immigration changes that have come with lockdown and which of them may be here to stay.

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