Ethiopia is landlocked country located in Eastern Africa. It borders Kenya, South Sudan, Somali, Djibouti and Sudan. The capital city is Addis Ababa, and it is the highest elevated capital city in Africa, at 2,400 meters. Ethiopia is known for its great Coffee where a shepherd discovered this famous beverage when his goats ate the leaves and became restless. Immigrate to Ethiopia today.

An interesting fact about Ethiopia is that the Ethiopian Calendar has 13 months and it is 7 ½ years behind the Gregorian calendar. New Year in Ethiopia starts on 11th September and a day later in a leap year. Ethiopia is one of the main destinations for tourists exploring the Horn of Africa.

It has a beautiful blend of cultures and delicious exotic dishes. It has numerous airports to get you to any destination within the country. Among these key points of entry is Addis Ababa Airport, also known as Bole International Airport.


Ethiopia has only two visas to accommodate for the applicant’s needs. The available visa options are a work visa and a tourist visa. Previously an additional business visa existed but this was merged with a workvsia. The work visa is unique because it distinguishes between the type of visa via the type of institution that the applicant will be working for. For example, an applicant who works for an NGO must apply for an NGO Employee work visa.
There are only two types of work permits available namely, long term, and short term work permit. The long-term work permit is issued for three years and can be renewed annually. Whereas, the short-term work permit does not have a standard duration. The short-term work permit duration is issued in relation to the employer’s request.
Essentially, a work visa is what is known as a business visa in other countries. It enables the entry into the country to work and attend business meetings for 30 days and can be renewed three times. Whereas, a work permit is issued for up to 3 years and can be renewed annually. A work permit also requires much more documentation to be submitted along with the application than a work visa.
A work permit is issued to a person after proving that an Ethiopian cannot perform the work. In practice this often means that the foreign applicant has to prove a combination of education and experience in the field of work or at a level that is hard to find in the country. Work permit applications are adjudicated on a case-by-case basis. The short term work permit is functionally not different from a long term work permit.

Work authorization is granted to allow one to work in Ethiopia. However, in order to also reside in Ethiopia an additional residence permit is required. The residence permit applications are handled by the Main Department of Immigration and Nationality Affairs and the work and residence permit are required to legally live and work in Ethiopia.

The application for a work permit must be submitted by our local provider because local authorities in Ethiopia need to be approached. After approval of the work authorization, the second application for the residence permit must be submitted.

It is important to ensure that the immigration part of the relocation process is started as early as possible and well in advance of your actual assignment date as requirements and procedures are likely to change at times.

The work authorisation permit is always processed inside the country and currently adjudication process takes about 15 days. The processing time may increase or decrease depending on the ‘queue’ of applications at the Ministry. It is issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Ethiopian Investment Commission.
We provide a full range of immigration services for Ethiopia. With our professional and trusted network of partners, we have the pulse on policy issues and the practical reality, which governs immigration rules & regulations.

We will first do a consultation, to establish which visa or permit would be most suitable to your (assignee’s) situation. We advise on the required documentation and compile the complete application on your behalf. We will help you saving time gathering the required documents to finalize your application.

There is great advantage in having a reliable local representative who will submit the application in Ethiopia, and also collect the issued documents for you. All providers worldwide we work with have been screened and comply with our thorough due diligence.