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Kenya business and tourist visas are for people who want to come to the country to attend business conferences, seminars, meetings, and training activities.

This Kenyan visa is also for people who want to come to the country as tourists, visit friends and family, or tour the country to see the delights Kenya offers, including wildlife safaris and Dhow sailing on the ocean.

Kenya Business and Tourist Visa Requirements, Forms & Documentation:

Contact IBN Immigration solutions, and we’ll assign a specialist in Kenyan immigration to oversee your application. Your specialist will conduct an initial consultation to determine precisely which Kenyan Visa suits your situation and then go through the process and requirements with you.

They’ll tell you where to get the documents and forms you need and will also help you complete them if necessary.

What will I need to apply for this Kenyan Visa?

  • Completed electronic application form
  • Two passport photos in colour
  • A copy of the bio-data page of your passport
  • Invitation letter, company registration, and other proof from the host organisation
  • Proof of return ticket or onward travel

Kenya Business and Tourist Visa Costs:

The different types of business and tourist visa, vary in cost.
For example, a multiple-entry visa for someone outside the East African Community (EAC) costs more than for someone inside the EAC. A 30-day tourist visa to travel in Kenya costs less than a one-year-multiple entry visa.

Your Kenyan immigration consultant will advise you of the costs specific to your visa, including indirect fees, like a passport’s renewal fee. Your consultant does a thorough cost analysis to provide as accurate an estimate as possible, so you aren’t surprised by hidden expenses.

How to Apply for the Kenya Business Tourist Visa:

  1. Your Kenyan immigration consultant has already helped you acquire and complete all the documents and forms required to apply for a Kenyan Visa.
  2. Now, the two of you will go over the documentation to ensure everything is ready and accounted for. Then, they’ll send the application pack for an in-house quality check.
  3. After applications have passed the check, Kenyan immigration consultants submit them to the relevant immigration authority in Kenya.

Note: Business visas are usually issued within 48 hours. Your immigration specialist will keep you abreast of the situation in Kenya.

Frequently Asked Questions

A significant restriction on the Kenyan tourist visa is that you can’t engage in gainful employment.

You’ll face a fine or time in prison if you’re caught working in Kenya. Not only that but the company or organisation in Kenya that you work for also faces severe penalties.

Your Kenyan visa will be revoked, and you’ll be deported.
Further applications for all types of visas(Permits) to visit Kenya will likely be denied.

Visa duration depends on several factors, including whether you’ve applied for a single- or multiple-entry visa.
A multiple-entry visa is valid for 90 days.

Members of the EAC and other visa-exempt countries can travel in Kenya for up to three months with only essential documents.

Tourists from South Africa and Malaysia are only exempted if they stay in Kenya for fewer than 30 days.

You can apply for a one-year multiple-entry visa if you can prove that you’ve travelled to and from Kenya frequently for a minimum of six months.

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