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Applying for a Mauritius Retirement Permit

Many retirees choose to spend their days enjoying Mauritius’s natural splendour and financial benefits. You can retire to Mauritius and apply for a residence permit provided you meet two criteria:

  • You must be at least 50 years old when you apply for your Mauritius immigration permit.
  • You must meet specific financial requirements. For instance, you must invest at least US$1500 monthly or US$18 000 annually from sources outside Mauritius into your local bank account.
  • The financial requirements come from the Economic Development Board of Mauritius.

    Note: You can’t work or run your own business in Mauritius on the Retirement Resident Permit (RP). This Mauritian visa is strictly for retired living.

    The Retirement Residence Permit is valid for up to 10 years and is renewable. You can include your spouse and minor children (under 24) on your Mauritius permit.

    There isn’t a clear guideline on whether or not an RP holder must spend at least 50% of the year on Mauritius.

    Mauritius Retirement Permit Requirements, Forms & Documentation

    The following documents are required for a Mauritius Retirement Visa:

  • Mauritius Retirement Visa Application Form
  • Passport and copies of the bio-data page of the passport. The passport must be valid for six months from the date you applied for your Mauritius permit.
  • Marriage certificate, if applicable.
  • Four identical colour passport-size photographs that shouldn’t be older than three months.
  • Original residence permit
  • Medical certificate from a medical practitioner in Mauritius stating that the applicant does not suffer from any infectious or contagious disease
  • Police clearance
  • A certificate from your bank stating you have transferred a minimum amount of US$40,000 or its equivalent in a convertible currency to Mauritius per year for the last three years.
  • Proof that the fee has been paid (POP).
  • Note: You need two types of visas to secure your retirement to Mauritius: A retirement visa and a tourist visa.

    Mauritius Retirement Permit Costs

    This type of Mauritian visa has clearly defined costs.
    Currently, retirement visa applications cost US$50. You must include proof of payment in your application pack.

    It could be that there are other hidden fees that you must pay before you can submit your application. Talk to your Mauritius immigration consultant about the exact costs and fees relevant to your Mauritian visa.

    For example, your tourist visa is necessary to enter Mauritius and have all medical tests there. You need to know all the costs that apply to both visa applications.

    Note: Your Mauritian immigration consultant will help you with both types of applications so you can enter the country without any problems

    How to Apply for the Mauritius Retirement Permit

    Your Mauritian immigration consultant will walk you through the process you must follow to ensure your application goes as smoothly as possible.

    You will already have reviewed the documents and forms you need for this Mauritius permit. Your immigration consultant will have helped you fill in the forms should it have been necessary.

    You must ensure that your consultant has all the documentation for the Mauritius permit, which your consultant will send for an in-house quality check.

    Next, you must open a Mauritian bank account and transfer at least US$1,500 into the account.

    Enter Mauritius on your tourist visa and undergo all necessary medical tests.

    Your consultant will arrange for an interview with the immigration authorities in Mauritius. If processing your application goes the same way as other retirees applying for this Mauritius permit, your retirement visa will be issued during the interview.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Mauritius Retirement Visa is issued for 3 years and is able to be renewed.

    After 10 years, you may apply for residence, which has a 20 year validity

    You will need to transfer a minimum monthly amount of $1,500USD or an annual transfer of at least $18,000USD to a local Mauritian bank account

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