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Mozambique Long-Term Work Permit

The Mozambique long-term work permit allows you to live and work in Mozambique for two years, with an option to extend the permit for another two years.

While Mozambique is experiencing a shortage of skilled labour in oil, gas, energy (coal), mining, and construction, it limits the number of people it allows on long-term work permits.

Mozambique immigration authorities have implemented a quota system to protect the local workforce. The quota system ensures that companies don’t exceed the percentage of foreign nationals they are permitted to hire. The quote depends on the size of the company.

● Small companies (one to ten employees) are entitled to employ a total of 10% foreign staff members.

● Medium companies (11 – 100 employees) are granted a quota of 8%.

● Large companies (101+ employees) may have 5% of their total staff comprised of non-Mozambicans.

Contact IBN Immigration Solutions, and we’ll assign a specialist in Mozambique long-term work permits to manage your case. Your immigration expert will help you navigate the entire application process, from determining which permit you must apply for to the final submission of applications.

Mozambique Long-Term Work Permit Requirements, Forms & Documentation

Requirements and forms for Mozambique long-term work permits come in two sets: General requirements and visa-specific requirements.

General requirements

  • A completed and signed Mozambique visa/permit application form
  • A valid passport with three blank pages, which is valid for six months after the date of application.
  • Two current passport photos
  • Proof of paid application fee
  • Mozambique long-term work permit requirements include

  • Two duly completed work permit applications
  • Three copies of the employment contract
  • An operating license, where applicable
  • A certified document showing proof of the company’s employees for the previous year, indicating the total number of employees, salaries, and positions
  • Proof of authorisation of investment project, if applicable.
  • Proof of compliance from the tax authority
  • Proof of compliance from the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) confirming social security contributions
  • Proof of payment – application fee
  • Note: Even if you meet all the requirements for a Mozambique long-term work permit, you may not be eligible to emigrate to Mozambique.

    Mozambique Long-Term Work Permit Costs

    The two types of work permits (long- and short-term) are among the most expensive Mozambican visas. This is because they are fairly complicated and need a lot of processing time. The length of the permit also plays a role, so the costs of Mozambican long-term work permits are higher than for short-term permits.

    Talk to your Mozambican immigration specialist to find out which costs and fees apply to your situation.

    Bear in mind that in some cases, you may need to apply for a transit visa in addition to your long-term work permit.

    Your Mozambican long-term work permit expert will include this and all other sundry fees and expenses that you can expect.

    How to Apply for a Mozambique Long-Term Work Permit

    Your Mozambican immigration consultant has accompanied you along the visa application process; now it’s time for the final steps.

    Note: It’s possible for your HR manager to contact IBN Immigration Systems on your behalf. They will then advise you on the necessary documentation and different types of qualification requirements for the long-term work permit.

    1. Obtain a certificate of equivalence from the Mozambique Ministry of Education
    2. Collate your documentation with your HR manager and ensure it is correct
    3. Share your documentation with your consultant for an official review of your application pack.
    4. Once your immigration consultant agrees that the application pack is properly completed, they will send for an in-house quality check to be absolutely sure that everything is in place.
    5. Apply for work authorisation, and submit the relevant documents to the Mozambique embassy or consulate in your country

    Your Mozambican immigration consultant is then ready to submit your application for a residence permit. The documents must be submitted to the relevant immigration authority in Mozambique.

    Note: You must talk to your immigration consultant if you would like to emigrate to Mozambique. The consultant will go through various options with you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    2 years, with an option to extend the permit a further 2 years.

    Yes, Mozambique limits the number of foreign nations companies are permitted to hire.

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