24 March 2020

South Africa will go into lockdown mode on early Friday, 27th of March until the 16th of April.


Foreigners who are currently in South Africa might be stuck here for a while. The German Government has chartered planes to fly stranded tourists’ home, but I am not sure what other governments are doing regarding their citizens.

At IBN we have used the last days to prepare the office for this lockdown. We will experience working from home. We are confident that we will be able to continue delivering our service. I just wonder to whom? Our VoiP phones will help, our internal communication will use Microsoft Teams. We will focus and use our time to drive internal projects forward.

We have agreed to part time work and hopefully this will enable us to bridge the time until the lockdown is lifted.

Practically the lockdown means that all individuals are housebound and are not allowed to leave their houses, unless they need medical attention or need to go grocery shopping. All non-essential businesses will be closed.

We are confident that our Government has reacted fast enough and that this drastic measure will yield results. I personally really hope that our lockdown does not continue past the 16th of April.

We are prepared for a difficult period, but of course, only for a certain period. The practical help we can access from government is unfortunately very limited and can not remotely compared to the support companies and private people receive in Switzerland or Germany.

Let us all hope that the virus does not spread in Africa as wide as it has in Europe, Asia and the USA.

We will keep you updated and are available for you, preferable on email.

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By Andreas Krensel