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This edition cover changes in the below African countries:

  • South Africa
  • Namibia
  • Kenya
  • Nigeria

Immigration News from South Africa

Job-Quota System Announced

Employment and Labour minister Thulas Nxesi announced an impending job-quota system that will be introduced to protect both locals and foreign nationals entering the South African job market. The project forms part of a larger National Labour Migration Policy (NLMP) announced on the 28th of February.

While the concept of a job-quota system has been under discussion within government for years, a resurgence in anti-immigrant sentiment and SA’s continued unemployment crisis has brought the idea to the forefront of immigration legislation priorities in SA. Government has chosen to focus job-quota policy on sectors including Hospitality, Tourism, Construction and Agriculture.

We will be updating our clients and partners on this in detail on this issue in coming days.

Home Affairs to Employ 10 000 Youth to Digitise Systems

The Department of Home Affairs recently announced an employment drive to recruit 10 000 unemployed young South Africans to assist with digitising documentation. The employment drive was announced in the President’s 2022 SONA. The project will prioritise women and disabled locals for employment.

VFS SA Will Suspend Appointments for Collections from March 2022

Applicants looking to collect their outcomes from VFS will no longer have to make appointments from the 1st of March 2022, as announced on their SA website.

Applicants collecting outcomes will now be able to walk in and be attended to on a first-come, first-served basis, every weekday from 10:00 – 15:00.

Visas No Longer Being Issued at the SA Embassy in Brazil 

IBN Immigration Solutions received information from the SA Embassy in Brazil stating that they will no longer be issuing visas. Any visa documentation received at the embassy will now be sent to South Africa to be analysed and processed here. The processing duration of visas through SA is unclear at this point but could take anywhere from eight to 12 weeks. We will update our clients and partners accordingly on this issue when we have more information.


Increased Processing Times during Home Affairs Namibia Move

While Namibian Home Affairs has moved offices as reported in our last edition of Immigration News, IBN Namibia’s offices have reported an increase in processing times for travel documentation and accompanying administrative exercises. If you are looking to travel to Namibia, we strongly suggest contacting our IBN Namibia office to assist with processing your application.


Yellow Fever Outbreak

Kenya’s Ministry of Health is on high alert as an outbreak of yellow fever was reported over the weekend. While yellow fever vaccination is necessary for travel into most of Africa, we strongly recommend that our clients and partners intending to travel into Kenya get vaccinated before travelling and checked for yellow fever symptoms during their stay. For more information on this and other Kenyan travel requirements, please contact our IBN Kenya branch today.

PCR Test Scam Alert

Kenya’s Ministry of Health has warned travellers entering the country that a fraudulent document has been circulating on social media stating that PCR testing for travellers will be scrapped from the 1st of March.

We would like to inform our clients and partners that this is NOT the case.  Proof of vaccination and negative PCR test, taken at least 72 hours prior to arrival, is still necessary when entering Kenya.


Update – Expatriate Quotas

Nigeria’s Minister of the Interior has announced that organisations applying for additional slots for Expatriate Quota facilities and renewals of Expatriate Quota positions will be subject to inspection from the end of January 2022. A fee increase accompanies this announcement. Fees and updated guidelines can be found here.

Appraisal of Expatriate Quota Position on Permanent Until Reviewed (PUR) Status

Companies and organisations that have been granted Expatriate Quota Position on “Permanent Until Reviewed” (PUR) status by the Ministry of Interior are required to submit clear copies of their letters of approval to the office of the deputy director, Citizenship and Business Department with effect from 24th January, 2022 to 28th February, 2022.

Failure to adhere to the above will deem the approval to have lapsed and same cancelled.

Submission of Monthly Returns

With effect from Monday 24th January, 2022, all users of services provided by the Citizenship and Business Department of the Ministry of Interior are required to submit their monthly returns on the utilisation of the approved Expatriate Quota via, due to the cancellation of manual monthly returns.

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