Mozambique, the little gem you didn’t know about

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Right in the pocket of South-Eastern Africa, Mozambique is famous for its white-sand beaches, romantic sunsets, and warm Indian Ocean waters inhabited by welcoming locals. Its beautiful coastline is enjoyed by both locals and tourists, and a variety of seafood to pick and choose from. 

Boasting influences from Africa, Asia, and Europe, the country has a very distinct character, one filled with heritage and rich historical architecture

  • Most European expats that live in Mozambique are from Portugal and live in the classic, charming city of Maputo.
  • Statistics on the number of Portuguese migrants in Mozambique are usually unreliable, but in 2015 the Portuguese Consul General in Maputo estimated that about 25,000 Portuguese lived in the country at the time, however, we believe this to be a bit more than what is recorded. 
  • With a low cost of living, expats finding living relatively cheap.

The country has a cuisine that is rich and a menu that is endless! With its liberal use of chillies, Mozambican food definitely packs a delicious punch.  There is an abundant supply of seafood, which makes up most of the local diet, and it is very well priced. One can almost taste the Portuguese influence in the addition of peri-peri (a very hot sauce made with red chilli peppers) to almost every meal.  In addition, a lot of goods are imported from neighbouring country South Africa and Europe.

There are a variety of industries that attract expats as their skill sets and industry experience is highly sought after. 

  • Many local industries employ highly skilled foreign nationals for many job prospects. Law, accounting, oil and gas and engineering are just some of the most popular industries that attract expats.
  • South Africans with scarce skills have been especially highlighted by multinationals in the oil and gas industry, making them critical to their ventures in the country.

With the discovery of one of the largest gas fields in the world in 2010 by US exploration and production (E&P) firm Anadarko, the country has been popular with expats looking to work in a growing construction, gas, oil and engineering industry. With a recent $20bn investment by a French oil major through a senior debt financing agreement for Mozambique’s liquified natural gas (LNG) project, with projection for production expected for global markets from 2024.

Some fun Facts about Mozambique:

  • Some of the richest coral reefs are in Mozambique. There are over 1,200 species of fish that have been identified in the coastal waters of Mozambique. 
  • Some of the scenes from Blood Diamond starring Leonardo Di Caprio were shot in Maputo.
  • Entry to Mozambique is allowed to all travellers with a valid tourist, business or residency visa.
  • The issuing of border visas for tourism purposes has now resumed.
  • South Africans do not require a visa and there is no charge for entering the country.
  • Maputo the capital city offers a wide range of nightclubs and bars, live music venues, and restaurants.
  • We have a branch in Mozambique.

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By Christian Mpazayabo


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